New ZBrush Plug-In – 3D Printer Exporter

Posted on May 27, 2009 by Pixologic Contributor




Pixologic is proud to announce a new plug-in 3D Printer Exporter

With 3DPrint Exporter you will be able to export your favorite ZTool in STL and VRML file formats, opening you to the world of 3D Printing.

Who has never dreamed about having your virtual sculpting in “real” 3D, standing on your desk? Now it’s possible for you to print your ZBrush models: 

  • Sculpt your art with ZBrush
  • Optimize if needed your model with the Decimation Master plugin
  • Export it with 3D Print Exporter

Main features

  • Export in STL, Binary and Ascii.
  • Export in VRML.
  • Size in Inches and millimeters.
  • Export the current or all the SubTools.



Enjoy your prints and make sure to post them on ZBC
The Pixologic Team