Daily Archive for June 29th, 2009

ZBrush Interview Archive



Come rediscover ZBrush’s artwork through the years and the artist behind the work.  This archive houses amazing interviews given by epic studios and world renowned artists.

Studios and artists include:

Aaron Sims, Digic Pictures, Gentle Giant Studios, Geoff Priest, Hiroshi Yoshii, ILM, Kris Costa, Luma Pictures
WETA & more….

So if your looking for some inspiration or a new method to your creativity come visit the Archive.

Happy ZBrushing!!!!

GoZBrush Part 2



With the launch of the first GoZ video the CG Community was all a buzz about what was to come with ZBrush 4.  With excitement and anticipation came the questions.   So here at Pixologic we decided to launch a part 2 video on GoZ explaining some of the questions that many artists had on their minds.

To view video click HERE

Enjoy the video and as always Happy ZBrushing.

Vases, Swords, Statuettes…oh my!!!!



Welcome Rafal Waniek to the Pixologic Turntable Gallery.

A first in the gallery, Rafal uses ZBrush to create beautiful pieces of Asian art.  This is very inspirational for artists who enjoy hard surface modeling and a high attention to detail.

Click HERE to visit the gallery and to view Waniek’s sculpts.

Thank you Rafal for your contribution to the gallery.  Happy ZBrushing everyone!!!

New Turntables!!!!



Welcome Simon Grell, Weilun Tsai and Darrel Abney to the Pixologic Turntable Gallery.

Click HERE to take a look.

All have great sculpts for the ZBrush community to see, and now more and more people are including color renders.

Thanks guys for the amazing artwork, keep up the ZBrushing!!!!

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