New ZClassroom Tutorial with Joseph Drust

Posted on June 19, 2009 by Pixologic Contributor


Joseph Drust , Senior Character Artist at Vicious Cycle Software demostrates how to bake your ZBrush Materials into your texture. This is a smooth flow that gives the artist complete control in combining several different materials into one texture map.

In the tutorial Joseph will be using the advantages of the ZBrush plug-in Image Plane. 


To take your texture to the next level download unique MatCaps from the MatCap Library



Enjoy your new ZBrush Material Adventure
Your Pixologic Team

10 responses to “New ZClassroom Tutorial with Joseph Drust”

  1. sarwar z khan says:

    Great tutorial, really really helpful! 🙂

  2. anon7 says:

    i would have liked to see the model with the texture applied after all the editing, either in-game or max rendered.

  3. anon butera says:

    hmm my comment didn’t work.
    could we please see a shot of the creature after you reapply these changed textures?

  4. Really useful tutorial , have to try this out soon , Thanks Joseph Drust and pixologic

  5. Dustbin1_uk says:

    A VERY useful tutorial!!

    Please pass on my thanks to Joseph!

    This really is VERY exciting stuff!

    Recommended to all who want to know some great advanced texturing techniques!

  6. The banner here is the finished sculpt with the new texture applied.

  7. Fantastic Tutorial … thank you very much!

  8. Electric Geisha says:

    Fantastic tutorial! Great Step by Step… thanks very much Joseph and Pixologic Team 🙂

  9. Wischie says:

    Great tutorial, having some trouble getting a matcap material to affect my texture though? noticed that this tutorial wasn’t done in zBrush 4? could that be my problem. When I apply my texture, i need to turn it on in the tool. Then that texture is controlling the material, how do i preview matcaps on this texture in zBrush 4? can’t get past the first part of the tutorial?! help!

  10. ALT says:

    This tut has been removed from ZClassroom? Does it not apply to Z4R3?

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