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Pixologic Announcement



Since the release of ZBrush 3.2 for OSX and the introduction of GoZ (, we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the artistic community as well as companies interested in becoming GoZ supported applications.
In order to continue refining GoZ and other ZBrush4 features, we have decided to postpone the release of ZBrush 4 and instead release an interim ZBrush 3.5 for Windows and Mac users. Version 3.5 will have all the features of ZBrush 3.2 — including GoZ — as well as additional refinements.
Your Pixologic Team

New Textures Added



New textures have been added to the Pixologic Texture Gallery.

Come take a look at the new “Just Added” tab and all the new textures in it.

These textures have been generously given by our own Pixologic Team Member, Aurick.

Thank you for all the amazing textues.

Updated – Image Gallery



New images have just been added to the Pixologic Image Gallery.

A great big thank you to all the artists being featured in the two new pages.

ZBC Artists:  piotr stomowicz, andy.chen, gopher, a i r, d8ds,

intervain, jelmer, ced66 and ryankinglien.

Come get inspired and see what other artists are creating.

ZBC Interview — Digic Studios




Pixologic is proud to present an amazing Interview with Digic Studios on their work on such pieces as Warhammer: Mark of Chaos and their anticipated Assassins Creed II trailer. Make sure to check out the link to the newest Assassins Creed II trailer. It will most definitely inspire you to jump into ZBrush and create your own world.

The interview includes images that you can only get at ZBC.



Get Inspired
Your Pixologic Team

Maarten Verhoeven’s New Additions



Just added are the newest works from Maarten Verhoeven

Maarten Verhoeven joined not too long ago but has moved up quickly with his amazing work.
With great attention to detail and fun characters, its easy to see how Maarten work is exceptionally good.

Come take a look at the newest additions to his Turntable.

ZBrush Plug-In Subtool Master Updated for ZBrush 3.2



Pixologic has just updated Subtool Master for ZBrush 3.2. With this update comes some exciting new features to Subtool Master.

1. When you Mirror or Duplicate any Subtool the subdivisions levels will be retained in the new Subtool.
2. When ever Mirror, Duplicate, or Multi-Append is clicked ZBrush will ask you if you would like to rename the new tool. A small note, if you just click enter then the name that is appearing in the box will be maintained.

You can download the newest Subtool Master at our Plug-In page


Enjoy the new features
Your Pixologic Team

New Work from Jesse Sandifer



Just added are the newest works from Jesse Sandifer.

Jesse Sandifer has been with the Turntable Gallery for some time now, and his work seems to get better each time.

Come take a look at the newest additions to his Turntable.

New Turntables



Welcome Dusty Nolting and Martin Nikolov

the the Pixologic Turntable Gallery.

Both artists featured have great talent and skill but each have their own style.

Come take a look at whats new in the Turntable Gallery.

ZBrush Plug-In Release of 3D Print Exporter for MAC



Pixologic is proud to announce the release of 3D Print Exporter on the new ZBrush 3.2 release.


With the power of GoZ and the 3D Print Exporter the rapid prototyping industry has never had the freedom they do now.

With 3DPrint Exporter you will be able to export your favorite ZTool in STL and VRML file formats, opening you to the world of 3D Printing.Who has never dreamed about having your virtual sculpting in “real” 3D, standing on your desk? Now it’s possible for you to print your ZBrush models: 

  • Sculpt your art with ZBrush
  • Optimize if needed your model with the Decimation Master plugin
  • Export it with 3D Print Exporter

Main features

  • Export in STL, Binary and Ascii.
  • Export in VRML.
  • Size in Inches and millimeters.
  • Export the current or all the SubTools.



Enjoy your prints and make sure to post them on ZBC
The Pixologic Team

Decimation Master Released for the MAC



Pixologic is proud to announce the release of the Decimation Master for the new ZBrush 3.2. Decimation Master is one of the most powerful plug-ins that Pixologic has to offer and with the new GoZ with in ZBrush 3.2 we can’t wait to see what you the artist will be posting on

With Decimation Master you will be able to easily reduce the polygon count of your models in a very efficient way while keeping all their sculpted details. This solution is one of the fastest available and is able to optimize your high polycount models from ZBrush, allowing you to export them to your other 3D software packages.

Sculpt your model with ZBrush, add all your small details and push your artistic skills, then optimize your ZTool. Export it to your favorite 3D package which will now be able to open your sculpting to create specific textures like Normal Maps or Ambient Occlusion maps by baking the high resolution mesh information on a low resolution mesh.

Another use is to export your model for a Rapid Prototyping process (3D printing) and bring your virtual art to a real object but also displaying your model in a real-time viewer such as PDF 3D. The possibilities are infinite!

Main features 

  • High quality optimization with accuracy details.
  • Two different optimizations for a better control of the result.
  • Optimization based on the polypainting information
  • Support of Masks for details protection.
  • Border protections.
  • Support of the symmetry and partial symmetry.
  • Optimization of your UVs for exporting models for 3D Color printing


  • Export all SubTool as one OBJ file
  • Clone all SubTools
Enjoy the power of the Decimation Master
The Pixologic Team

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