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A Look Into the Upcoming ZBrush 3.5



Pixologic is pleased to announce the soon to be released ZBrush 3.5.

ZBrush 3.5 is going to have some amazing features that include,
ZSpheres 2, Hard Surface Sculpting, and Surface Noise to name a few.

ZBrush 3.5 for Windows systems is currently in final stages of beta testing.
We estimate testing will end shortly and ZBrush 3.5 will be available as a free update to all Windows registered users this coming week.

GoZ for Windows will be available by the end of September.

ZBrush 3.5 and the GoZ update for Mac systems will be available as a free update to all Mac registered users by the end of September.

To take a look at what’s in store for ZBrush 3.5 come take a look.

New MatCaps & Alphas to share!!!





The MatCap and Alpha Libraries have some new additions going.

This selection of Alphas are brought to you ZBrush artists by ZBC artist oliman.
And lets not forget these MatCaps, brought to you by ZBC artist HD CG ADDICT.

These are available for download now, so come take a look and feel free to send us some of your great creations.

Thanks guys for sharing your alphas and MatCaps with the ZBrush community.



New Turntables Added



Its that time again, time to welcome a few more artists to the Turntable Gallery.

Take a moment and come take a look at the work of Byuc Ryun Choi, Cory Cosper, and Ben McArdle.

Thanks guys for submitting your work to the community and making the Turntable Gallery
what it is today.

Tutorial on Rendering with ZBrush and Photoshop



Just want to share with the community this great tutorial on how to get amazing renders using
Pixologic’s ZBrush and Adobe’s Photoshop.

ZBC artist Bulgarov Vitaly has spent a great amount of time putting together this great tuturial
so a great big thank you for helping out your ZBrush community.

To go the ZBrush Central and take a look at this tutorial
Click HERE.

Also for some tips on how to model Next-Gen models, take a look at the new Gnomon DVD,
Character Design and Modeling for Next-Gen Games.

ZBrush Models in the Movies



ZBrush has been catching waves in many movies these days and here to share about one of them is
Lead Character Modeler and Creative Assistant, Steve Jubinville.

Steve has posted some great images and a model he created for Warner Brothers new movie “Shorts.”
Not to mention the excellent texturing work done by Christophe Damiano.

Come take a look at the ZBrushCentral Post and maybe even leave a comment or two.

Also, make sure to take a look at the trailer to the upcoming movie “Shorts.”

Turntables From All Over



Time to add new turntables to the Pixologic Turntable Gallery.

For this addition we have artists from all over.

So come take a look at the great work added by these amazing artists,

Henrique Naspolini, Caio Cesar Brachuko Fantini, Dennis Mejiliones,
Matt McDaid, Andrei Cristea, Cedric Babouche, Max Calo,
Chris Brandstrom, and Andres Zorrilla.

Thank you all for submitting your work to the turntable gallery.

More to come.

A New Page Featuring Schools with ZBrush



Pixologic has created a new web page that lists all the schools around the world that teach ZBrush.
This list is great for anyone interested in taking courses to further their ZBrush skills.  Also included will be a list of online courses and certified instructors.

To take a look at the Pixologic Schools page click here.

Introducing ZSpheres II


The ZSphere modeling tool within ZBrush has ignited artist’s imagination by freeing them from technical restraints.

ZSpheres have always been one of quickest and easiest way to bring your concepts to life.

Until now!


Check out the ZSpheres II video

Turntables Galore!!!!!!



The Turntable Gallery has been revamped with some new and exciting work featuring
amazing artists such as:

Ben Davis, Carsten Holtmann, David Kuo, Favio Paiva,
Jesse Sandifer, Kirill Boutourlin, Magdalena Dadela, Majid Smiley, Nick Miller, Rasmus Warming,
Sarkhan Hamidov, Scott Patton and Wongyo Lee

The gallery will soon be experienceing major changes, that include better resolution outputs of artists work.
Artists Jesse Sandifer, Maarten Verhoeven and Scott Patton have started using this new method.  Keep your eyes open for the release of the new method and an open invite to all artists to submit their work.

Happy ZBrushing!!!!

PaintStop Released for ZBrush



PaintStop is a powerful addition to ZBrush’s extensive plugin library which configures your user interface and settings to give you the true to life feel of using real world art tools. In addition to the many brushes, pencils, and paints that are available in PaintStop, you can choose from a variety of different canvas types to change the look and feel of your final piece.

PaintStop Feature Page

>> Click here to Download PaintStop <<

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