Daily Archive for August 28th, 2009

New MatCaps & Alphas to share!!!





The MatCap and Alpha Libraries have some new additions going.

This selection of Alphas are brought to you ZBrush artists by ZBC artist oliman.
And lets not forget these MatCaps, brought to you by ZBC artist HD CG ADDICT.

These are available for download now, so come take a look and feel free to send us some of your great creations.

Thanks guys for sharing your alphas and MatCaps with the ZBrush community.



New Turntables Added



Its that time again, time to welcome a few more artists to the Turntable Gallery.

Take a moment and come take a look at the work of Byuc Ryun Choi, Cory Cosper, and Ben McArdle.

Thanks guys for submitting your work to the community and making the Turntable Gallery
what it is today.

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