Turntables Galore!!!!!!

Posted on August 3, 2009 by Pixologic Contributor


The Turntable Gallery has been revamped with some new and exciting work featuring
amazing artists such as:

Ben Davis, Carsten Holtmann, David Kuo, Favio Paiva,
Jesse Sandifer, Kirill Boutourlin, Magdalena Dadela, Majid Smiley, Nick Miller, Rasmus Warming,
Sarkhan Hamidov, Scott Patton and Wongyo Lee

The gallery will soon be experienceing major changes, that include better resolution outputs of artists work.
Artists Jesse Sandifer, Maarten Verhoeven and Scott Patton have started using this new method.  Keep your eyes open for the release of the new method and an open invite to all artists to submit their work.

Happy ZBrushing!!!!