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Would You Like To Be Part of the Turntable Gallery???



How would you like to be part of the Turntable Gallery???

That’s right!!!  Pixologic will be holding an open invitation to all ZBrush artists.

15 lucky artists will be chosen and featured onto the turntable gallery.

Starting October 12, 2009 till November 13, 2009 we will be welcoming submissions for the gallery.
If you would like to be a part of this, send us your best work to  Subject Line Turntable Contest

Rules and Regulations:  All applicants must submit JPEG files to be evaluated.  Files must be 750 x 562.  You may send in color renders using outside render packages, but each color render must be accompanied by a render from ZBrush.  Due to the high volume of applicants please be patient and understanding about your piece.  Not all pieces will be selected and those that will be will receive further instructions to create your turntable.  Pieces will be selected by members of the Pixologic team.  No work will be collected before nor after the dates stated above.  After the contest please do not continue to submit your turntables to the gallery.  Selected artists will be required to sign an Artist Release Form. All applicants must provide the following information to be considered for the gallery.

Your full name:

Your ZBrushCentral username:

Tell us about yourself as an artist:
We want to promote you as an artist. Tell us about yourself.  Are you a freelance artist or do you work for a company?  Anything else you would like to add would be great

Name of the turntable:

Give each turntable a name.  If you send more then one turntable make sure to give each turntable a unique name.

A description of how you used ZBrush to make this piece:
What were your methods to create this work. What tools did you use in ZBrush. What did you enjoy most about creating this work.

Adding a video or image to your ZBrush Turntable page:
In the info section of your ZBrush Turntable page you can add an image or video.  You may have a demo reel with ZBrush work that you want to play on this page.  Also many artists record tutorials or speed sculpts of their process in ZBrush, you are free to submit these as well! Your video can be emailed to me or you can provide a link where I can download it if the video is to large to email. Please make sure the videos are of good quality and in quicktime format. Your video however can be any dimension.

Your email: (optional)

Your website or portfolio: (optional)

Comments on ZBrush: (optional)
If you want to share with the world your thoughts on ZBrush please do!

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact
We look forward to see what you can bring to the gallery.

Happy ZBrushing!!!!!

New MatCaps are Waiting for You



The MatCap Library has had a recent update from ZBC Artists RawSunlight and HD CG ADDICT.

These are some great MatCaps to use for your own sculpts and what’s more they are free and located conveniently in the MatCap Library.

These MatCaps were created using ZBrush 3.5
so make sure you’ve upgraded to get the chance to use these great MatCaps.

Happy ZBrushing!!!

Turntable from Michael Knowland



There is a a new addition to the Turntable Gallery.

Some great sculpts from Michael Knowland.

Thanks so much for the great work.

Woah….Those are Some Good Turntables



Hey ZBrush community, today I would like to let you know that we have had an
early addition to the Turntable Gallery.
These sculpts were so good, it couldn’t have waited till Friday.

New artist: Chris Carter and Khurram Alavi, and our continued artist Maarten Verhoeven have put up some AMAZING

So take a look and see for yourself how great these artist can be.

The More the Merrier!!!



That’s right we have added three new artists into the Turntable Gallery.

This addition of sculpts come from artists Bradley Kachel, Daniel, Matei and James Barton.

The gallery is getting bigger and bigger,
just evidence of a great community of artists and their amazing skills with ZBrush.

Thanks guys, keep up the ZBrushing.

New Update to the Image Gallery



New images have been added to the Pixologic Image Gallery.

These images are brought to you from some our most recent top row ZBC artists including:
bulgarov vitaly, goldo O, jmenna, kang se won, maddam, neox, renderdemon, sasquatchpoacher, stubi and xjgd4321.

Thanks guys for your incredible work.

Calling All Artist…..ZBrush 3.5 is here!!!!!



That’s right all you ZBrushers, the time has come for the newest release from Pixologic, please
welcome ZBrush 3.5!!!!

Yaaahhh!! (Confetti)

This release is jam packed with new features that will enhance the way you sculpt and create. Features such as ZSpheres 2 and ZSketch, Surface noise, Brush noise, Improved LazyMouse with Backtrack and Snap to Track modes.  New brushes such as Trim, Planar, Noise, Move, Spherical, Slide, Form, Flakes, and Crumple.

Sounds too good to be true… betcha, but wait there’s more.
For more information please click HERE

We look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will create with the new ZBrush 3.5.

UPDATE:  September 14, 2009


Pixologic has release the latest version of ZBrush 3.5.  This is the 2nd release and contains valuable addition, features and fixes.

Pixologic is dedicated in providing the best 3D sculpting software in the market.  We never stop trying
or learning new ways of how to bring the best tools to the artist.

New Additions include:

New “Auto Groups With UV” option added which allows for auto-grouping by mesh (shells) and UV (islands) combined continuity.
Added option to allow object to rotate around its local center. To activate, press the “Align To Object” option in the Draw palette. Note: This button is stored when you save the custom config file.
Added a 2nd Flatten brush (similar to the Flatten brush found in version ZBrush 3.1).
A Preferences/LightBox option added to turn on or off LightBox at startup.

New Features Include:

Increased smoothing strength of the default Smooth brush.
Masking can now be applied with LazyMouse with or without Backtrack modes.
Increased the tolerance to mouse/pen movement when assigning Hot Keys.
The transparent button is now enabled even if the current tool contains only one subtool. This allows ghosted transparency to be activated when entering HD edit mode.
The sampling value of the ZProject brush is now zero by default.

Fixes include:

It is now possible to generate adaptive displacement and normal maps even when the mesh is partially hidden.
The “Show Mask” option will auto-activate when applying masking in Transpose mode.
ZBrush activation code has been updated to be less sensitive to hardware changes.
ZBrush can now auto-group by UV Tiles even if the Tiles resides in the negative UV space.
Fixed the 2.5D Blur brush with ZAdd mode.

If you would like more information of the latest release please visit ZBrush Central.

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