ZBrush Book–Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy by Scott Spencer

Posted on January 5, 2010 by Pixologic Contributor

Hello Community

There is an exciting new book on ZBrush that you will want to take a look at. It will walk you through using ZBrush as the main tool to create a sculpt of the Human Anatomy with a classical hero frame. All information of the book is below.

ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy


By Scott Spencer
With Eric Keller and Paul Gaboury

416 pages
Companion DVD includes video instruction that walks you through the projects in the book. You’ll also find anatomy models to use for practice.


About the Book:
To create compelling characters you must make them realistic, and even powerful software like ZBrush can only take you so far.  What you also need are solid artistic skills. This full-color, illustrated guide teaches you the basics of human anatomy, so you can create human figures that really come alive on screen.

Using ZBrush 3.5 tools, you’ll sculpt a heroic male figure, learning each body part as you go, including head, neck, torso, arms, legs, bones, and muscle. The book emphasizes concepts that have guided artists for centuries, such as gesture, form, and proportion, and you’ll develop foundational skills you can draw upon throughout your career. Transform your animation into professional-level artistry with this must-have guide.

• Understand the basic tenets of form, proportion, gesture, and rhythm
• Master basic anatomical terms for skeletal regions and muscle groups
• Break down the regions of the body into simple geometric shapes
• Begin roughing in your figure with Claytubes and other tools
• Create the impression of flesh over underlying muscle and bone
• Learn ZBrush remeshing, and color-mapping techniques
• Flesh out your figure with fine detail and costuming
• Repurpose your figure for film, video games, Web, or digital output
• Build skills you can also apply to Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and Photoshop

Scott Spencer
is a freelance character sculptor and designer, currently working as a character designer at The Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand.  Scott has created creatures and characters for film, games, and collectible figures. His credits include Iron Man, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Golden Axe, and Species 3. He is also a leading digital sculptor and a longtime beta tester and consultant to Pixologic. He is the author of ZBrush Character Creation (Sybex).
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32 responses to “ZBrush Book–Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy by Scott Spencer”

  1. Roy Kristoffersen says:

    Where can i buy this book?

  2. Hello Roy

    The link in the post will send you to the location to buy the book or you can get it on amazon.com.

  3. Surajit Sen says:

    Hi Sir

    I am very much interested about human anatomy and ZBrush.Also can you provide me any book regarding ZBrush3.5R3.

    Surajit Sen
    3D Character Artist-Sculptor-Instructor

  4. Hello Surajit

    There currently is no book on ZBrush3.5R3 but we have many tutorials and a great Tips and Tricks Section for you to learn from.



    Tips and Tricks


    Look inside the section Learning Resources.

    Thank you for using ZBrush.

  5. Brian says:

    Anyone know when this will be released in the UK?

  6. Moni-Poroni says:

    @Brian: I had the same problem. It can`t be purchased over amazon here in Germany (not at the moment). For some reason they say that it`s not released. :/
    But you should be able to purchase it over sybex.com. They have international distributors. Ther is also one in the UK. Please see here:


  7. Brian says:

    Thanks Moni-Poroni!
    I had a look on the UK distributor’s site which also says it’s out in January 2010. It’s a fair bit more expensive from them so might wait a week or two and see if amazon sort it.

  8. Brian says:

    Now seems to be available on amazon UK, though with an 11-14 day dispatch wait.

  9. Jason Coleman says:

    Mine arrived in the post yesterday. Fantastic quality just like his previous book.

  10. Ronny says:

    Yea I got this book 3 days ago and its awesome. Its very helpfull

  11. Randy says:

    Mine arrived yesterday. Even though I’m new to ZBrush, this book look to be a valuable learning tool.

  12. Thomas says:

    I’ve been able to order it to Amazon US even if I’m in france, the day it has been released without any problems.

    This book is a must have for all the ZBrush sculptors!

  13. Carlos says:

    A pdf would solve all the shipping problems. And probably lower the product price.

  14. Rob says:

    It’s available at Amazon.

  15. ByteDreams says:

    i’ve begun reading with much zeal! Cant wait to catch up on the videos on the DVD, and am looking forward to walking through with zb 3.53 open

  16. Gibson says:

    I have been looking at this website for a while. I would love to buy this book. I am wondering is it a user friendly book or do you have to be an industry professional to see where scott is coming from? I want to get the most out of the book.

  17. tiger says:


  18. shawn ewashko says:

    I just bought it. I had to. Spencer is awesome and his writing is so invauable. I’m sure this will be a great addition to his books on zbrush.

  19. steve says:

    theres loadsa a+p books around. does this product allow me to move the body into different postures to see how the muscle and skeletal forma change beneath the skin?

  20. Pixologic says:


    Yes you can move the mesh around within ZBrush extremely easy by using the Transpose Tool. Here is a link that will help you out more for sure.


  21. Hugh Roeth says:

    I feel a lot additional people will need to read this, quite very good info.

  22. WinterSoldier says:

    I was wanting to figure out how to open zbrush 3.5 files with zbrush 3.1. Any ideas?

  23. Pixologic says:

    Hello WinterSoldier

    You can not open 3.5 files in 3.1. However, you can export the highest level into an OBJ from 3.5 and then import that into 3.1 and then run the Reconstruct Subdiv Levels that would be found in the Tool>Geometry Sub-Palette.

  24. PUMA3D says:

    hello Sir!!

    I am interested … but my english its not good…. do you have the same book translated to spanish?

  25. jamiestyles says:

    Human anatomy knowledge is very helpful for yoga also, thanks!

  26. RichCollins says:

    Hey, you can get it here if you are in the UK

    Bit Cheaper too 🙂


  27. Carlos Lopez says:

    Lately I have been buying my books for the Kindle app on the Ipad. The problem with trying to purchase this book for the Kindle is that you do not get access to the DVD material, does anyone know if there is any way through the publisher of getting an image of this DVD if you have proof of purchase? I called Wiley and their technical support had no idea on how to help me with this request.

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  30. Thanks – Enjoyed this update, how can I make is so that I get an email every time you publish a fresh update?

  31. Oh my God, I believe that super star Tom Truong is the real all mighty King of Kings and Lords of Lords Jesus Christ reincarnation.

  32. Monica Ruiz says:

    Hi, I’m from Colombia and I wonder how I can acquire both ZBrush as this book Human Anatomy. The same book allows me to sculpt muscle, bone and other?

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