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UV Master Tutorials



Pixologic has new tutorials for the new UV Master plug-in.

Be the first on your block to use this amazing new tool for ZBrush.

UV Master Released


UV Master

UV Master: UV Creation Has Never Been So Easy!

UV Master is a free plugin which will create very efficient UVs for your models with a single click. Any artist can now quickly and easily create excellent UV maps. This free ZBrush plugin clearly represents the ZBrush ideal of maximum artistic freedom with minimal technical hurdles!

Click here to read more.

Click here to download the UV Master plug-in now.

Seattle – User Group Meeting



Join ZBrush and artists Jeff Feligno, Joel Mongeon, and Steve Jubinville to learn from some of the very best ZBrush artists around. Attendees will also be the first to see some exciting new features!

Registration begins now until March 5, 2010 with only 380 Seats available.
Click here to register now.

Halo: Reach

Experience the development cycle of Halo: Reach and what they had to work with this time around.

The Wolfman’s Rick Baker Talks ZBrush

6 time Oscar-winning master of make-up effects. Maker of monsters, heroes, aliens and Klumps. Special fondness for werewolves, including An American Werewolf in London and The Wolfman

6 time Oscar®-winning master of make-up effects. Maker of monsters, heroes, aliens and Klumps. Special fondness for werewolves, including An American Werewolf in London and The Wolfman

The Wolfman’s Rick Baker talks about his work on the film and his easy transition from traditional to digital sculpting.

“It was like love at first sight. [ZBrush] was so much more like real-world sculpting but on a computer … I call it no fear sculpting and it freed me up design wise.”

Rick Baker Talks about ZBrush

Click here for interview

New to the Image Gallery



Hey ZBrushers, check out the new updates in the Image Gallery.

These amazing images come from ZBC artist:
ez5k, g_arrow, gutalin, joshTiefer, kongni, mikkamakka, sathe, stumpf, xjgd4321, and zhangzhevuan.

Thanks guys for all the great work!!!!

New to the Turntable Gallery



Hey ZBrushers, there has been a new update to the Turntable Gallery.

Thank you new artists,
Adam Muratoff, Maximilian-Gordon Vogt, Javier Tejador Perez, and Toks Solarin.

Great work guys.

Did You Know That Video– ZBrush3.5R3 Grow/Shrink Selection


New Video on Did You Know That

Hello ZBrush Community

In this video we will walk through a new feature found in ZBrush3.5R3. The new Visibility capability to grow and shrink your selection inside ZBrush will most definitely speed your workflow to level never before possible. This new feature is found in a new sub-palette in the Tool Palette at Tool>Visibility.

With this new feature it is extremely easy to split up a tool into multiple subtools to add more dynamic detail. In the video we will demo how to take a mesh that has several mesh shells with one polygroup and convert that mesh into multiple subtools by converting the multiple shells into multiple polygroups so that you may GroupSplit them into Subtools.

In the video you will also see how easy it is to select parts of a mesh now with a few keys strokes.

Follow the DID YOU KNOW THAT thread on ZBrushCentral:HERE

To Download the video CLICK HERE

Did You Know That Small

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