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Pixologic at WonderCon 2010



WonderCon is one of the hottest comic conventions in the world with a giant exhibit hall, artist alley, autograph area, fan tables and more. ZBrush is one of the hottest programs used by artists who love comics, as evidenced by the terrific success of Pixologic’s Action Hero contest, the many fan artworks appearing on ZBrushCentral, theZBrush Gallery, the ZBrush Turntable Galleries, and the portfolios of Gentle Giant Studios or Sideshow Collectibles. What better team up than to put ZBrush and WonderCon together?

Making Time for Art



Since the early days of ZBrush, we at Pixologic, have been continuously looking for ways in which we can advance ZBrush-features to a state which enables us, and you, to achieve new and previously-unattainable goals . In order to identify the features that need to be updated or invented, we use ZBrush the same way that you do, we use it to create art. These art-creation session are short, but yet, extremely effective. Occasionally we do get the opportunity to dedicate more time to a single project and see it through from concept-stage to final-stage. For myself, the past few days were one of these (eagerly awaited) occasions. During the previous week, ZBrush for Macintosh has entered its official beta-testings stages. I have taken this opportunity to spend time in ZBrush, more as an artists than a programmer. I am very pleased with the outcome of this session and would like to share with you a movie of the final ZBrush model. Images and details will be added at a later date.

I would like to thank all artists, for breathing passion, creativity, and ingenuity into their ZBrush creations, helping mold ZBrush into what it is today and will be tomorrow.


Visit the ZBrushCentral post

Texas – User Group Meeting



The ZBrush User Group Meeting is on the move! This time we’re coming to Southern Methodist University in Plano, TX. This is an exciting opportunity for students, hobbyists and professionals alike to rub elbows with your fellow talented ZBrushers, as well as learn from some of the very best ZBrush artists around. Register March 7, 2010 for your opportunity to see ZBrush demos by Brett Briley, Jesse Sandifer, and Greg Punchatz. Attendees will also be the first to see some exciting new ZBrush features that are on the way for ZBrush! You will not want to miss this event! Come join us to witness the power of ZBrush and why it is the world’s most powerful digital sculpting software.

Registration begins TODAY!

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