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New Alphas added to the ZBrush Download Center


ZBrush Alpha Library

We have just added a few new alphas to the library and wanted to inform all you talented ZBrush artists. These are available to download for FREE! They were created by fellow ZBrushers ares1979, fernando_kuhlmann, and triggerwulf. Check them out, download them, and be inspired to make and submit a few of your own.

Browse the ZBrush Alpha Library.

ZBrush Feature-Test Movie



Pixolator is at it again. Check out the newest video, which highlights features that will dramatically impact all areas of the creation process. Hint: you’ll be able to make a movie from a single 2D image.

Check out the video at

ZBrush Feature Test Movie



Wondering what you can expect to see in ZBrush 4? Well, ZBrushers, we have a little Friday treat for you. Pixolator has just released a new test movie on ZBC that we thought you might like to see. The video is a sneak peek of a few new features that will provide you more ways to showcase your art. Ready to be amazed?

Visit the ZBrushCentral post to view the video.

ZBrush Image Gallery Update


Image Gallery

The ZBrush image gallery has been updated! Check out the amazing work from a few of the best ZBC artists, including: Antropus, askutt, bad_koala, BuendiaCG, believerdeceiver, kakasse4, Lil’sister, marcel, PSTCHOART, ricardocr, and xjgd4321. We would like to send out a special thanks to all the artists for sharing their work!

Visit the ZBrush Image Gallery to see more.

ZBrush Turntable Gallery Updates


Turntable Updates

The ZBrush Turntable Gallery has been updated! Some of your favorite artists have new turntables and a few soon-to-be favorites have been added.

Thanks to Herman Klement, Maarten Verhoeven, and Federico Scarbini for sending new artwork, and congratulations to Vikram.V and Roland Herran for being added to the gallery!

Visit the ZBrush Turntable Gallery to see more.

Happy ZBrushing!

Assembling the Art – Bioware Interview


At the time of its release in November 2007, Mass Effect took the Xbox world by storm. It quickly rose to become one of the best rated RPG titles in history. IGN gave the game the #1 slot it in its Top 25 list, while on the GameRankings aggregate ratings site the game came in only behind 2006′s Oblivion. Mass Effect quickly became known for an immersive, engaging story, fun game play, and of course beautiful graphics. It wasn’t long before the gaming community was champing at the bit for a sequel.

Read the Pixologic interview and see how Bioware use ZBrush as an essential tool for their development of Mass Effect 2!

Read the interview here.

Discuss the interview at ZBrushCentral.

Image Gallery

WonderCon 2010 Recap



Pixologic would like to thank all those that attended our artist presentations and submitted the ZBrush questionnaire. Being the first WonderCon that Pixologic had attended we were not sure what to expect. However, the response to our booth was beyond our expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased with the welcome we received.

As we continue to expand ZBrush into our growing artist community(, we  look forward to seeing and sharing more breath taking images!!

Pixologic would also like to thank the 7 presenters that were at our booth for the weekend:

David Lesperance
Alvaro Buendia
Vitaly Bulgarov
Ryan Kingslien
Andrew Cawrse
Kris Costa
Akin Bilgic

The lucky winners of Wonder Con 2010 daily prize draw were:

  • Hoa Nguyen
  • James Winston
  • Scott Baumann
  • Robert Wiggins

They each receive a free copy of ZBrush! Congratulations!

Thanks for your generous response and comments to all who participated. We look forward to seeing what you can unleash using ZBrush!

I’m so glad I won a copy of ZBrush! I’ve been impressed by the work people create with ZBrush but have not had a chance to use your product in a long time. I can’t wait to get started!

Hoa Nguyen

Thank you very much. I definitely want ZBrush and can’t wait to use it.’’

- James Winston

That’s awesome! I’ve been interested in ZBrush for years. I’m excited to get my hands on the product!’’

- Scott Baumann

“I can’t believe it, I never win anything; and what a prize! Thank you guys so much, you have a wonderful product! I can’t wait to get started using ZBrush FINALLY!!!’’

- Robert Wiggins

Your Pixologic Team

Pixologic – Rapid 2010



RAPID, North America’s Definitive Additive Manufacturing Event, will combine informative technical sessions as well as workshops to bring you the most up to date 3D printing technologies. In conjunction with GROWit 3D, we will be presenting a paper discussing how ZBrush is being used as a rapid prototyping solution for various industries including toys, props for movies, medical tools, among others. Join us for this exciting event and to learn how this technology can enhance your artwork.

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