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ZBrush Turntable Gallery: New Artwork Added



We would like to extend a warm welcome to ZBrush artist Jingwei Liu, and welcome back existing member Alexander Stojanov. Thanks for the amazing work guys! Check out their sculpts at the ZBrush Turntable Gallery.

New Alphas Added to the Library



New alphas have been added to the alpha library in our download center. A plethora of new effects, industrial, skin, and miscellaneous alphas are available for your sculpting enjoyment. Thank you to ZBrush artists and avid ZBC posters fernando_kuhlmann, aphilm1, and RyanMTaylor for your contributions!

Download the new alphas here.

Bringing Iron Man’s Legendary Suit to the Big Screen.



Stephen Holmes caught up with Legacy Effects, the team responsible for bringing Iron Man’s legendary suit to the big screen.

Here are a few quotes to wet your whistle:

“Because we’ve got experience at sculpting in the real world with clay we just go straight in with ZBrush and design it in there. It’s a quicker end result.”
Simon Webber – Concept Artist, Legacy Effects

“ZBrush is a huge part of what we do now to edit detail and the different processes that we use here now”.
Jason Lopes – Systems Engineer, Legacy Effects

Check out the full interview at

Pixologic Launches ZBrush Industry Pages



ZBrush is a key component in the work flow for a growing network of companies, artists, designers, modelers, illustrators and hobbyists applying 2D and 3D integration and innovative application to their respective industry sector requirements.

Already renowned for its revolutionary impact in movies, VFX and gaming video industries, ZBrush is also used for illustration, figure creation and concept design in 3D printing, toy manufacturing, dentistry, jewelry design, science and medicine.

The ZBrush Industry section links examples of production flow method and working practice, clarifying how ZBrush’s intuitive features, powerful sculpting and illustration capabilities are being successfully applied and implemented according to specific industry needs.

To learn more, visit the ZBrush Industry pages.

Win a VFS Summer Intensive Seat, Courtesy of Pixologic



Pixologic, VFS’s official partner, is offering emerging animators, modelers, and visual effects artists a chance to experience VFS’s Animation & Visual Effects Summer Intensive program. For five days (July 19-23), students will learn leading techniques from a faculty of industry professionals and discover whether VFS is the right educational choice for them.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Scholarship Competition, sponsored by Pixologic, will see one scholarship (worth $1,285) awarded to one talented artist.

How to Enter
Creatively express what you’re dreaming about this summer with visual sketches or digitally sculpted images of an original character in an environment of your choosing. Once completed, upload your work to the VFS “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Flickr Group. Submit up to 5 images!

All submissions must be uploaded no later than 11:59PM (PDT) on June 22, 2010. Click here to read the competition’s terms and conditions before you enter.

Visit to learn more about all nine of VFS’s 2010 Summer Intensive Programs.

ZBrush Image Gallery Update



The ZBrush Image Gallery has just been updated. We would like to congratulate the following ZBrushCentral artists for being included in this round: stumpf, Big guns, aridiel, Jelmer, rahmserg, metamesh, and alterton. Thanks for sharing your art and keep up the amazing work!

View the ZBrush Image Gallery.

ZBrush at Industry Giants 2010



Hosted and organized annually by the filmmaking/visual effects, animation, game development non-profit, A Bunch of Short Guys, and this year in association with The Guildhall at SMU’s premiere graduate-level video game education program in the country, and the Texas Film Commission, Industry Giants 2010’s first day features a series of lectures that conclude with a panel discussion. The second day features exclusive Masterclasses, taught by the leading experts in various fields of art and technology. The distinctive lineup of presenters work in all areas of animation and visual effects for film, television, and games.

Click here for additional info.

ZClassroom Webcast: Jesse Sandifer



A new webcast has been added to the ZClassroom. This week’s guest artist is Jesse Sandifer, co-founder of Green Grass Studios in Texas. Jesse currently serves as Art Director where his main focus is character design, sculpting, and illustration.

Jesse’s podcast features layers and the many ways he utilizes them for sculpting and texturing. Learn his tips and tricks and ZBrush like a pro!

View the webcast at the ZClassroom.

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