Pixologic Introduces Sculptris!



Pixologic is pleased to announce a new addition to our family of software products –Sculptris – a unique, very ‘cool’ artistic modeling application still in its Alpha raw baby stage and now incubating at Pixologic HQ. (The current Win version, formerly known as Sculptris 1.02, will be renamed under the Pixologic banner as Sculptris Alpha 5).

Sculptris is the brainchild of the bright Swedish programmer Tomas Pettersson and has captured the hearts of artists with its fun, intuitive and user-friendly interface – indeed a perfectly sweet companion to our big monster ZBrush!

If you enjoy ZBrushing, we are sure you’ll appreciate this!

Try it out, play with it, have fun, make some great artwork and share your art with us in the newly opened Sculptris forum at ZBrushCentral.

Enjoy the journey!

The Pixologic team

To download Sculptris for Windows, please click here.

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