ZBrush 4 is available now!

Posted on August 10, 2010 by Melissa


The big day has finally arrived!

ZBrush was first released 10 years ago as a tool by artists, for artists.

Our vision has always been to develop new and innovative features that push the boundaries of what has been previously possible in digital art, so we are thrilled to offer this new breakthrough 10th anniversary ZBrush 4.0 Win or Mac version for download and purchase at our online store right now!

ZBrush 4.0 is packed with new and exciting features, additions and changes designed to fit your needs and the way you work.

(You can explore these in more depth and all the info about ZB4 at our launch release post at ZBC)

We trust that this exciting version of ZBrush will continue to be a major part of your
day to day artistic workflow, opening you to an ever expanding world of creativity.

We look forward to seeing your ZBrush 4 work and comments on www.ZBrushCentral.com.

Enjoy the journey and discovery!

The Pixologic Team

To purchase ZBrush 4, please visit our online store.

4 responses to “ZBrush 4 is available now!”

  1. arsalanali says:

    yaa its awsam !!!!!!!!!!! i was so exited for this realise that i use to talk about this all day and all of my friends (those who are not cg artist) also came to know about this GOOD news 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    The new features look really awesome. Is there gonna be a trial version to download, too?

  3. Hugo Marin says:

    I had Zbrush 3 trial and i love it, love it,love it, i can only imagine how Zbrush 4 must be if by any chance is their a free trial for Z 4, im an unemployed artist wishing for achance to try out Zbrush 4, even if its for just a few days.

  4. Confused says:

    There is no download at all. I’ve been searching all over.

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