Monthly Archive for September, 2010

ZBrush Image Gallery Updates



We just put up a few new images in the ZBrush Image Gallery. Congrats to ced66, darkmummy, khu75, luxo, and painzang for making it to the top row, and thanks for sharing your work! We hope you all enjoy their art as much as we do. Enjoy!

Visit the ZBrush Image Gallery.

ZBrush User Group Meeting in Los Angeles



Pixologic is pleased to announce a free workshop/demo of ZBrush 4 from one of our developers. Come and see the newest features of ZBrush 4, including Clipping Brushes, Shadow Box, Timeline, Spotlight, and many others! Admission is free, all you need to do is show up.

For more information, check out our UGM page.
Visit the Apple Store @ The Grove.

ZBrush 4 Shortcuts



We’ve just added a list of helpful shortcuts for ZBrush 4 in our info section. Keyboard hot keys for Spotlight, Lightbox, ZSpheres, ZSketch, Timeline, Sculpting, Painting, and many many more are included. Bookmark it, because we’re sure there is something in there that will make your work flow a little more efficient!

View ZBrush 4 Shortcuts.

New Artwork in the Turntable Gallery



New artists have been added to the turntable gallery! We would like to welcome Fernando Kuhlmann, Byung Hwa Jung, Dimitri Golub, Marcel Nilo, Adam Fisher, and Augusto Venturi. We would also like to welcome back veteran Michael Hoopes. Thanks for sharing your artwork, and keep up the amazing work!

View the ZBrush Turntable Gallery.

Calling All ZBrush Artists!



We would like to encourage ZBrush artists from around the world to enter an exciting, live, international competition event called Cut&Paste.

Cut&Paste hosts the 2010 Digital Design Tournament, a live-action battle in 2D, 3D and Motion design in which the best of the best will face off in 10 cities worldwide. Cities include NYC, L.A., San Francisco, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

The finalists from all ten international events will converge in New York to conclude the tour with a Global Championship where one winner in each field will be crowned the victor.

This is a design battle royale to launch digital designers and artists into the spotlight while also offering audiences a unique experience as they witness the creative process from start to finish.

Find out when Cut&Paste is coming to your area. We would love to see a commanding presence by ZBrush artists so if you’ve got the skills to take on the world, don’t wait!

Register Now!

Let’s wow audiences around the globe, showing them what you’re really made of and what you can create with ZBrush!

Entry deadline for all U.S. competitions is September 17, 2010 — just two days away! Entry deadline for cities outside the U.S. is October 15, 2010.

You will be contacted by the local Cut&Paste team if you’re selected for the test rounds.

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