ZBrush Interview – Dragon Age: Origins

Posted on October 15, 2010 by Melissa


Electronic Arts has set a pretty high bar for the interviews that they’ve done with us. So far we’ve been able to speak with the art teams and share really great artwork from Mass Effect 2 and Army of Two. Today we are pleased to bring you a new installment — this time dedicated to one of the top RPG titles of all time: the award-winning Dragon Age: Origins!

Released in December of 2009, DA:O is a dark fantasy RPG created by BioWare as the spiritual successor to their famous Baldur’s Gate series. By creating their own world and rules system for the game, BioWare was able to break entirely new ground. Part of this meant a distinctive art style, a huge cast, and many diverse creatures.

While many of our past interviews have included high resolution images for your viewing pleasure, the team at BioWare wanted to go one better. They’ve also provided two spectacular animations that you won’t see anyplace else!

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