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ZBrush 4 Part 2: ZSphere Rigging with Transpose Master


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Hello Community

This video is Part 2/4 for ZSphere Rigging with ZBrush. In this video I continue on the journey of ZBrush rigging for the purpose of posing a character. In Part 1 I discussed how to pose with a single Subtool, now learn to rig with multiple subtools.

In this video I will walk you through using Transpose Master’s newest feature to Rig a multiple Subtool Character with a ZSphere.

After watching Part 1 and Part 2 you will be able to rig any character that has a single Subool or multiple Subtools. I encourage you to play around with Rigging as much as possible. It is one POWERFUL tool!!!!

Make sure to download the newest Transpose Master here:

To install Transpose Master

  • Download the Windows or MAC version to your computer
  • Unzip the File
  • You will find a folder named TransposeMaster.
  • With in this folder you will find another folder named TPoseMasterData4 and a script file called TransposeMaster_4_06.zsc.

Install this folder and script file into the following directory:


Then restart ZBrush. Plug-ins will only work at launch so if you have ZBrush open already you will need to shut it down for the plug-in Transpose Master to be installed.

You will find Transpose Master in the ZPlugs Palette at the top of ZBrush’s interface once installed.

Many thanks for taking a look at the video.

Part2 ZBrush Rigging with Transpose Master

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Happy ZBrush Posing

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ZBrush 4 Part 1: ZBrush Rigging with a Single Subtool


New Video on Did You Know That

Hello Community

The rigging tools with in ZBrush are an extremely useful tool that will not only allow you to pose a character but you can also use the rig to make large changes to any mesh.

This video is Part 1 of a multiple part video section on Rigging in ZBrush. This video will walk you through how to create a rig in ZBrush quickly, efficiently, and as easy as it can get. Part 1 will start with rigging a single Subtool with other videos to follow on rigging with multiple Subtools, using layers and using the Timeline feature.

This video also demonstrates how you can capture the highest level of detail from the sculpt onto the rigged version of the sculpt.

These will be an exciting serious of videos that I know will open up your imagination on how to rig with ZBrush.

Part 1: ZBrush Rigging with a Single Subtool

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Happy ZBrush Posing

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Free 25 Minute Tutorial From Eat 3D



Eat 3D has posted a free 25 minute tutorial from Andy Davies on sculpting stone with morph targets. He demonstrates a really easy way to get a damaged/weathered look to stone using ZBrush 4. The tutorial is free, but if you want to download an HD version of the video plus the project files (including a final undecimated ZTL, the final highpoly .obj, the knotwork alpha, and the brush presets), it’s only $3.99. Totally worth the price and will help support Eat 3D so they can bring you more amazing tutorials such as this one.

Watch the tutorial here.
View more ZBrush tutorials here.

Happy ZBrushing!

Featured ZBC Thread: Tomstrzal



Happy Monday ZBrushers! We have a new ZBrushCentral user who has recently been inducted into the top row. This time we would like to pass along a warm welcome to Tomstrzal. His sketchbook features environmental sculpts that we are loving over here. It’s a nice break from the character sculpts we most often see. Tomstrzal adds an interesting twist into his work, combining organic and manmade components to create a mysterious feel. He included a few wip’s and promises to add more to his sketchbook, so this thread will definitely be one to watch!

View Tomstrzal’s thread here.

Happy ZBrushing!

Featured ZBC Thread: jason_jason



Hello ZBrushers! A new artist has been featured on the ZBrushCentral top row. Jason_jason is a newbie to posting on ZBC but he’s definitely received a warm welcome. His thread features a sculpt of King Leonidas from the movie 300 and includes details of the sculpt and he even gives a little insight as to how he created the material. It’s definitely worth checking out!

View the thread here.

Happy ZBrushing!

ZBrush Interview: Trollhunter



After a few rounds of interviews in the gaming industry, we felt it was time to switch gears and shine the spotlight on movie effects once again. Today we are pleased to bring you the first of two interviews focused on Trolljergen (Troll Hunter, for those of us not fluent in Norwegian) — a movie that is being produced in Norway and will be coming soon to theaters in the rest of the world.

Storm Studios is a Norwegian team that worked on bringing some of these fascinating creatures to life for the film. In our interview, we spoke about the challenges of this particular project and how ZBrush helped them rise to the occasion.

Norway is proud of their trolls, and we’re proud to present this glimpse into how the fascinating creatures were created.


Discuss Storm Studios’ Troll Hunter artwork and share your thoughts at the thread on ZBrushCentral here.

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.


Featured ZBC Thread: stankovigorro



Happy Friday ZBrush community! What better way to kick off the weekend than seeing some amazing artwork? ZBrushCentral artist stankovigorro has been bestowed the honor of being added to the top row. For the second time even! This installment is a caricature of the 16th United States president, Abraham Lincoln, and is based on an original drawing by Roberto Freire.

View stankovigorro’s top row thread here, and check out the artwork in the rest of his thread also. There are some mighty fine sculpts in there!

Have a great weekend ZBrushers!

Featured ZBC Thread: MikeANash



Hello ZBrushers! ZBC artist MikeANash has recently been added to the top row. His “starlight suit” sculpt is a great example of hard surface modeling and was done entirely in ZBrush. He also added a few breakdowns of his sculpt. Check it out and let us know what you think!

View MikeANash’s top row thread here.

LA UGM Follow-up



LA UGM at the Los Angeles Film School – December 4, 2010

Many thanks to all those attending our Pixologic/ZBrush LA UGM at the Los Angeles Film School, Hollywood, 4th December 2010. It was great to meet ands see you-we hope you enjoyed our ZBrush artist presentations and activities!

A special thanks to our ZBrush artist presenters:
Ian Joyner
Neville Page

Thanks also to:
The LA Film School and volunteers – for hosting the event and their kind hospitality.
Wacom – for participating and your free giveaway Wacom tablet.
Ryan Kingslien at ZBrushWorkshops – for his free 30 hours giveaway of ZBrush Workshops.

Prize Draw

Thank you to those who completed the ZBrush on line comment form. Congratulations to our lucky prize draw winner: Robert Mejia! He receives a full commercial license of ZBrush 4!

“I am so excited and shocked! Now I can do what I do best! Design, Create, and Play! Thank you Pixologic for having an amazing 3D Software and an awesome LA User Group Meeting! Ian Joyner and Neville Page’s presentations inspired and motivated me to continue to pursue my dream. Now I will really be ZBrushing! Thanks again!!!” — Robert S. Mejia

Please feel free to add your comments/impressions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you again in the near future!

Many thanks,
The Pixologic Team

Featured ZBC Thread: dlshang



Happy Monday ZBrushers! We at Pixologic hope you had a fantastic weekend. Now, to get the week off to a good start, check out the latest top row thread on ZBrushCentral. Please join us in welcoming dlshang! The thread features a variety of sculpts and styles, and it’s all quite interesting. We hope you enjoy!

View the post on ZBrushCentral.

Happy ZBrushing!

Your Pixologic Team

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