ZBrush 4 Part 2: ZSphere Rigging with Transpose Master

Posted on December 30, 2010 by Pixologic Contributor

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Hello Community

This video is Part 2/4 for ZSphere Rigging with ZBrush. In this video I continue on the journey of ZBrush rigging for the purpose of posing a character. In Part 1 I discussed how to pose with a single Subtool, now learn to rig with multiple subtools.

In this video I will walk you through using Transpose Master’s newest feature to Rig a multiple Subtool Character with a ZSphere.

After watching Part 1 and Part 2 you will be able to rig any character that has a single Subool or multiple Subtools. I encourage you to play around with Rigging as much as possible. It is one POWERFUL tool!!!!

Make sure to download the newest Transpose Master here:


To install Transpose Master

  • Download the Windows or MAC version to your computer
  • Unzip the File
  • You will find a folder named TransposeMaster.
  • With in this folder you will find another folder named TPoseMasterData4 and a script file called TransposeMaster_4_06.zsc.

Install this folder and script file into the following directory:


Then restart ZBrush. Plug-ins will only work at launch so if you have ZBrush open already you will need to shut it down for the plug-in Transpose Master to be installed.

You will find Transpose Master in the ZPlugs Palette at the top of ZBrush’s interface once installed.

Many thanks for taking a look at the video.


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Happy ZBrush Posing

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9 responses to “ZBrush 4 Part 2: ZSphere Rigging with Transpose Master”

  1. Lawless says:

    Great video tutorial.
    The link above to the newest ‘Transpose Master’ download does not work.

  2. melissa says:

    Lawless, the link has been corrected. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. herdmann says:

    I have the same problem – the link to part 1 doesnt seem to work…

  4. Jim St Ruth says:

    Brilliantly instructive, easy to follow and well narrated video, found just when I needed it. Thanks!

  5. Andreas says:

    Everytime I need to quickly whip up a posed character in Zbrush I return to this tutorial for a refresher!
    Thanks so much for doing this, Really well done.

  6. James says:

    these videos do not play for me, do they require a unique plugin??

  7. melissa says:

    Hi James, Thanks for letting us know about the error. The video player has been updated. Happy ZBrushing!

  8. James says:

    Thanks alot for the tutorials and updating the player!

  9. Glenn Schot says:

    Thanks, nice video. I found it simpler than the #1video and like the ability to work in the subtools without merging.

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