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ZBC regular Julian_K receives the nod for another top row. His thread features a time-lapse video of hair sculpting (page 1), a quick guide to pore sculpting (page 2) and a plethora of amazing (and interesting) sculpts. The image that boosted this thread into the top row depicts a boy with progeria, a condition that causes rapid aging. The final render is photorealistic and a composite, but he includes a few images that were made with ZBrush’s BPR feature. Julian also provides the settings he used to achieve his lighting effects (page 10).

View Julian_K’s thread at ZBrushCentral

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  • Guys, first of all Thanks a lot for the mentioning here, haven’t seen it before. One thing though – the last sentences about the render are somewhat misleading, because it sounds as if the composite wasn’t done with BPR renders, when in fact the composites are done with BPR render passes only. It would be shame if anybody assumed another render was involved, wouldn’t it? ;)
    All render software credits in this go to Zbrush. No other package used :)

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