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Featured ZBC Thread: Julian_K



ZBC regular Julian_K receives the nod for another top row. His thread features a time-lapse video of hair sculpting (page 1), a quick guide to pore sculpting (page 2) and a plethora of amazing (and interesting) sculpts. The image that boosted this thread into the top row depicts a boy with progeria, a condition that causes rapid aging. The final render is photorealistic and a composite, but he includes a few images that were made with ZBrush’s BPR feature. Julian also provides the settings he used to achieve his lighting effects (page 10).

View Julian_K’s thread at ZBrushCentral

MPC uses ZBrush to create Cadbury’s award-winning commercial


Cadbury launches its Spots vs Stripes networking campaign with a creative and well-crafted animated promo by MPC (The Moving Picture Company). This unique animation was entirely painted in ZBrush, bringing to life fantastical creatures and stunning seascapes. Congratulations to MPC for winning the Outstanding Animated Commercial award at the 9th Annual VES Awards this month!

See the video at
Watch the making of Spots vs Stripes on YouTube.

Three New ZBrush Training Books Available To Order Now


Wiley Publishing is releasing a few new ZBrush 4 books. Top industry artists Eric Keller, Ryan Kingslien, and Scott Spencer each share their expertise and walk you through everything from beginning ZBrush to advanced digital sculpting. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something of use in these books.

Introducing ZBrush 4 By Eric Keller
Design remarkably realistic creatures, people, and objects using ZBrush and the new edition of this top-selling book. Professional Hollywood animator and ZBrush artist Eric Keller combines his firsthand experience with detailed, step-by-step explanations to make you feel right at home with the interface and tools. The book reinforces the core concepts of ZBrush through fun, hands-on tutorials that will help you achieve amazing results.

ZBrush Studio Projects: Realistic Game Characters By Ryan Kingslien.
Using ZBrush’s rich toolkit and his own experience as founder of and as a former ZBrush product manager, Ryan Kingslien helps you hone the techniques you’ll need to create human characters with compelling faces, bodies, clothing, and weaponry.

You’ll learn by doing a series of projects that encompasses anatomy, sculpting, proportion, gesture, color, and texture—and master techniques straight from the studio. Discover what to do, what not to do, and how to make your game characters breathtakingly real with this must-have guide.

ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting, 2nd Edition By Scott Spencer.
Learn to sculpt and chisel like the masters using ZBrush 4 and this beautiful, full-color guide. Sculptor and designer Scott Spencer blends cutting-edge technology with artistry to show you how to create fascinating characters limited only by your imagination. You’ll learn new ZBrush 4 brushes and brush controls, how to sketch complex forms with ZSketch, cool ways to costume your characters, and much more. Above all, you’ll master time-honored concepts such as sculpting gesture and sighting proportion—techniques that will help you become a better artist, no matter what the medium.

For addition books and learning materials, visit Wiley Publishing, or Pixologic’s 3rd party training page.

Four New Courses From Digital Tutors


Digital Tutors has released four new courses focusing on ZBrush 4 into their extensive library! Learn how to get a high quality render using the new rendering capabilities in ZBrush 4. Easily create photorealistic textures and details for the the human head from a reference image using Spotlight. Maintain the quality of your gaming character by using Decimation Master to create low resolution files for 3ds Max 2011. Streamline your workflow for high resolution props and set pieces by creating textures and details in ZBrush and applying them to your Cinema 4D creations.

Visit Digital Tutors for more info on these courses:
Rendering Enhancements in ZBrush 4
Projection Painting with Spotlight in ZBrush 4
Creating Game Characters with 3ds Max 2011 and ZBrush 4
Creating Game Weapons in CINEMA 4D and ZBrush 4

Z Brush featured in latest Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine issue (# 254 March/April)


The March/April issue (available now) of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine features an 11 page review of how ZBrush has changed the development of the most famous movie monsters of today. Featuring work from Rick Baker, Scott Patton, Neville Page, and Mario Patrizi and interviews with Bryan Wynia, Scott Spencer, and Pixologic’s own Paul Gaboury, this feature reveals how ZBrush is used from character conception to execution and why it is the industry leader in character modeling.

‘‘There are some people who are kind of mathematical or very scientific about the way they do things. I’m more organic about it. I just want to get in there and start pushing stuff around and do something. And that’s what I like about ZBrush. It’s so much like sculpting…That is so cool.’’
Rick Baker – ZBrush artist, AKA ‘monstermaker’ and 6 time Academy Awards® winner

‘There are no technical boundaries in ZBrush: anyone can use the program-the transition from the physical to the digital medium has never been so seemless!’
Famous Monsters of Filmland

Get your hands on the ZBrush Famous Monsters of Filmland issue at your local bookstore or visit

Free 20 Minute Tutorial on Sub-Surface Scattering in ZBrush


Eat 3D has posted a free 20 minute tutorial from Tony Reynolds on achieving sub-surface scattering effects in ZBrush. He demonstrates how to create a SSS material and then use BPR to create render passes. Tony also shows how to composite the layers in Photoshop for a finished image. The tutorial is free, but if you want to download an HD version of the video plus the project files (including the final composited .PSD and the .ZMT zbrush material file), it’s only $3.99 – totally worth the price and will help support Eat 3D so they can bring you more amazing tutorials like this one.

Watch the tutorial here.
View more ZBrush tutorials here.

Happy ZBrushing!

Interview with Scott Spencer in 3D World Magazine



3D World Magazine has featured Scott Spencer in their most recent issue (view more info about issue 139 at and have added an extensive video tutorial available to view on their website.

Scott shows his workflow and methods for creating a biomechanical character using ZBrush. He showcases many of the features of ZBrush 4, including the new Clip Brushes, ShadowBox, and GoZ. Many of the new features allow him to effortlessly combine organic and hard-edge modeling to create his character.

View the video tutorial at 3D World.

We hope you enjoy!

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