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Pixologic sponsors Computer Graphics Student Awards 2011



The Computer Graphics Student Awards is an annual event which showcases and rewards excellence in computer graphics for students and recent graduates. Qualified students are encouraged to submit their Demo Reel to the judging panel and compete for prizes (over $50,000 USD worth of hardware, software and subscriptions) and internships at the world’s leading production studios.

‘To win the student of the year just blew me away! The exposure I got helped me a lot: companies started noticing me, and I received emails from several different studios, which was cool!’
- Maximilian-Gordon Vogt- ZBrush artist and CGSA Student of the Year 2010 winner

For submission details and info visit

ZBrush Characters Made Easy: New Tutorial Videos From Martin Krol



Artist Martin Krol has developed two tutorials for creating great characters in ZBrush. Part 1 features 12 hrs of instruction for the beginner on how to use the many sculpting features of ZBrush to create a polished character. Part 2 contains 13 hrs of beginner-intermediate curriculum focusing on texturing in both ZBrush and Photoshop.

Get started with great sculpts quickly with these tutorials and happy ZBrushing!

For more information and to download ZBrush Characters Made Easy, visit
See Martin Krol’s ZBC Thread on ZBrushCentral
View additional 3rd Party Training sources at

User Stories: Trolljegeren (part 2) – Gimpville interview



Back in December we did an interview with Storm Studios for their work on a movie called Trolljergen (Troll Hunter). As you know, the special effects for many movies today are contracted out to multiple companies with each contributing specific shots to the final production. We thought that with the Troll Hunter, it would be interesting to speak with two companies that worked on the project!

Today we are sharing Part 2 of the Troll Hunter interviews. This time we spoke with Gimpville, another Norwegian special effects house and contributor of perhaps the most massive CG character ever put on film! Weighing in at a whopping half billion polygons, their 300 foot troll is the stuff of legends.

We hope you enjoy this conclusion to the Troll Hunter saga. It provides a good bit of insight into how ZBrush was used and why it was “the only weapon of choice” to accomplish Gimpville’s herculean task!

Read the interview HERE.

Join in the conversation on the ZBC thread at ZBrushCentral.

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.

Featured ZBC Thread: Ahmad Ramadan



ZBC member Ahmad Ramadan’s portrait of actress Scarlett Johannson has earned his thread a spot on the Top Row. Photorealism is an excellent challenge for any 3D artist and utilizing a combination of ZBrush and Photoshop, this portrait has nailed it. A great example of some excellent skin textures and a remarkable likeness of the beautiful Ms. Johannson, make sure to check it out!

View Ahmad Ramadan’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Bryan Wynia’s “ZBrush Character Creation” class featured in 3D Artist magazine



ZBrush artist Bryan Wynia and his students at The Concept Design Academy have recently been featured in 3D Artist magazine. Bryan, a beta tester for ZBrush 4 (see his thread here), is a Character Artist at Sony Santa Monica and works as a Digital Sculptor for the collectible and toy industry.

One of Bryan’s ex students, Paul Linsley, who was interviewed in the article, said “I think that my work in ZBrush was one of the larger factors in getting the job [at Sony Broodworks on its new game as senior concept artist]. Bryan’s class helped to make me more in demand for the market.”

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of 3D Artist, you can read the article at The Concept Design Academy blog here.

Also check out Bryan’s blog here.

Featured ZBC Thread: a i r


Ready… set… go!! 55 dragons in 25 days! Damir Martin shares his dragon portraits, each accomplished in about 2 hours in his Top Row thread, along with time-lapse videos of 24 of them – from ZSpheres to finished sculpt. Not only is Damir Martin’s marathon of dragon sculpting an amazing thread to check out, but we’ve added 7 of his busts to our ZBrush Turntable Gallery AND added his dragon scale alphas to the Pixologic Alpha Library! What a great accomplishment and a great challenge to inspire your own practice sessions!

View a i r’s thread at ZBrushCentral
See Damir’s new Turntable Gallery
Download Damir’s alphas in the Download Center

Featured ZBC Thread: yuri so



This week’s Top Row features the uncanny realism of ZBC member yuri so. His portrait of a young girl is remarkably lifelike: from the expression in her eyes to her radiant skin and down to her purple sweater, this sculpt and render is immaculate.

View yuri so’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Featured ZBC Thread: andrei.szasz



ZBC member andrei.szasz has mastered the art of detailing and is featured today in the Top Row. His newest post, based on the character concept of Mike McCarthy, is steampunk at its best! A clean ZBrush sculpt followed by a fantastically textured composite, make sure to check out this great thread!

View andrei.szasz’s thread at ZBrushCentral

New Tutorial in ZClassroom: Bring your scene into 3DS Max with GoZ!



There’s a new tutorial in the ZClassroom by Joseph Drust for GoZ! Learn how to set up your ZBrush file to quickly establish your scene for rendering with Mental Ray in 3D Studio Max. Export all of your Subtools easily with GoZ!

Watch the GoZ Tutorial in the ZClassroom

New Blend Shapes Export Plugin for ZBrush!



Now you can easily convert your ZBrush sculpted layers into blend shapes for Maya 2008 and above!

- Build blend shapes inside ZBrush using 3D Layers.
- Automatically transfer layers directly to Maya.
- Multiple layers and multiple SubTools can be used as desired.
- Quickly see how your blend shapes perform in Maya.
- Layer names you assign in ZBrush become blend shape names in Maya.

Download the Blend Shapes Plugin at the ZBrush Download Center
Watch the Blend Shapes Plugin Tutorial  

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