Daily Archive for March 7th, 2011

Three New Courses from Digital Tutors


Digital Tutors has released three new ZBrush courses:
Beginners Guide to ZBrush 4
Presentation techniques in ZBrush 4
Creating a Handgun in ZBrush 4

See additional ZBrush courses from Digital Tutors at www.digitaltutors.com
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ZBrush makes it good in ‘Carma’ Beaver Commercial!



ZBrush was used to create a realistic ‘beaver’ in the car tire ‘Carma’ commercial featured at this year’s Superbowl.

“That process began with modeling of the beaver in ZBrush and Maya, with Maya also used for rigging and animation. Part of the animation challenge of the salute and fist- pump shots, was to maintain the high level of realism. It was a major challenge to make this little guy salute and make it feel natural” -Method visual effects producer Mike Wigart

See the video and read the interview with Mike Wigart at http://www.fxguide.com/

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