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Win a copy of ZBrush 4 with the 3D World Creative Challenge!



Compete in the latest 3D World Creative Challenge! Model your own creature, the more fantastical the better, they’ll be judging on creativity.

“The winner will be the person who builds the nicest creature in terms of design, stance and pose – but we aren’t looking for a finished project…. The idea for this project is for artists to create just a base model, which can then be subdivided and detailed in ZBrush.”

This challenge is for artists not currently using ZBrush. And the prize? A full feature license of ZBrush4 provided by Pixologic!

For details visit www.3dworldmag.com
Visit the 3D World forum for the official Creative Challenge thread

ZBrush in the classroom launches high-tech careers



A recently introduced program teaching ZBrush is providing local students the chance to expand their career opportunities in films, games, VFX and other industries. The simulation and game development SGD program at Western Piedmont Community College prepares graduates for jobs or careers as independent contractors, artists, video programmers, game and sound design, game testers and producers.

‘‘The program’s goal is to produce independent developers, particularly because the economic recession hit this area hard. We hope eventually to spur economic development (here)’’ – Jonathan Crumpler Coordinator and Instructor, Digital Effects and Animation Technology

Read the article HERE

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