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New ZBrush Book: Sculpting for Games



ZBrush 4 Sculpting for Games: Beginner’s Guide is a new book from Packt that will help readers to sculpt machines, environments and creatures for their game development projects. Written by Manuel Scherer, this book covers all aspects of sculpting for games, right from developing concept art to integrating the available models with the game environment.

To read more about it, please visit

Featured ZBC Thread: ParkParkin



ZBC member ParkParkin (Dmitry Parkin) is featured in this week’s Top Row with some excellent character sculpts for the gaming industry and some expertly executed personal projects. He also includes a video of his entire modeling process for his frighteningly detailed “Necrophage” character. Check it out!

View ParkParkin’s thread at ZBrushCentral

ZBrush Interview: ILM on Rango



From the moment you saw that first teaser with the wind-up toy fish flying across the highway, you were probably intrigued by Rango – the smash animated film starring Johnny Depp as its titular hero. Released on March 4, 2011, Rango has been a terrific success. In fact, it’s the highest-grossing film of 2011 worldwide so far!

A large part of the film’s success is the artistry behind it. George Lucas’ famed Industrial Light & Magic took the helm for the movie’s animation, with a result that Roger Ebert described as “respects the tradition of painstakingly drawn animated classics, and does interesting things with space and perspective with its wild action sequences.” There is no doubt that Rango has a visual style all its own and Pixologic was thrilled to be able to speak with the art team behind the movie to learn how it came about.

We hope you enjoy this special look into the artistry of Rango!

Read the interview HERE.

Join in the conversation on the ZBC thread at ZBrushCentral.

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.

New in ZBrush Training


Some excellent new ZBrush tutorials are available now!

CG workshops by industry experts:
Game Characters with ZBrush – April 2011, with Jonathan Rush, EA Bioware.
‘Jon will take you under the hood of the ‘character art hot rod’ and guide you through the ‘ins & outs’ of successfully creating video game characters within a studio mind-set.’

Gnomon offering free ZBrush tutorials online:
Including “Lighting with Materials” - with Neville Page, creature designer for Avatar, Star Trek and Cloverfield, demonstrates his ZBrush PhotoShop Workflow

ZBrush 4 Essential Training at
In ZBrush 4 Essential Training, Ryan Kittleson introduces ZBrush to artists making a transition from another sculpting program or who may just need some help with the finer points of this powerful digital arts package.

Sneakpeek #1 of ZBrush 4, Release 2 Free Upgrade!



ZBrush 4 Release 2 has been announced! While this exciting new upgrade is still in development, Pixolator has released preview images from the new BPR (Best Preview Render) renderer. These fantastic pre-beta images are rendered right in ZBrush with a full 32-bit floating-point HDR pipeline. BPR in Z4R2 is capable of rendering high quality images while utilizing improved materials, lights, and environment mapping.

In Z4R2 you’ll also find a new LightCap/MatCap designer. LightCap (Light-Capture) is similar to MatCap (Material-Capture) but is applied directly to the environment, not to a particular material. You will also now be able to easily incorporate your sculpture into an HDR background by using R2′s ability to apply shadow to the background-plate as well as auto-generate LightCaps to simulate the environment lights and reflections. Both LightCaps and MatCaps, can be utilized by the real-time preview renderer, this means that you will be able to use ‘fancy’ lights, backdrop and materials while sculpting your mesh!

See the preview thread now at ZBrushCentral

ZBrush 4 Tutorial Videos: ZBC Member cannedmushrooms



Looking for some free ZBrush tutorial videos? ZBC member “cannedmushrooms” has posted 177 videos on YouTube, check ‘em out!

See cannedmushrooms’ tutorials on YouTube

ZBrush makes giant Popcorn



The 2011 trailer for The FMX 2011 conference in Stuttgart Germany features giant popcorn modeled in ZBrush. ‘A Maize’ was created by students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction.

“The biggest difficulty we prepared was the combination of displacement and subsurface scattering in mental ray. The computers required a lot of computing power and memory to perform these tests. We decided to use Pixologic ZBrush in the popcorn model – created according to the specific needs.” – Falko Paeper

See the video at

Read about how it was made at Digital Media World

GoZ Update 1 – with Photoshop Support



As part of our commitment to expanding the capabilities of GoZ, Pixologic is pleased to announce the release of our first GoZ update! This update resolves minor issues reported by users of various applications. It also expands support to include modo 501 and Cinema 4D R12.

With this update, GoZ also now supports Photoshop! If you have the Extended version of either Photoshop CS4 or CS5, GoZ now makes it possible to paint directly on your model’s texture rather than using PolyPaint. As a result, texture painting can be completely independent of your model’s resolution. Simply click the GoZ button to send your model and its texture to Photoshop. There, paint whatever you’d like, in full 3D. You can even flatten the map and paint in 2D — with or without a visible wireframe! When done, send your model back to ZBrush and the texture will automatically update so that you’ll be ready to continue working.

Get the update at the Download Center

For more info, specs, and frequently asked questions, visit the ZBC GoZ Page

For tutorial videos on GoZ, visit ZClassroom

Featured ZBC Thread: KrisKelly3D



New to the Top Row this week is a striking photorealistic image of young Egyptian rebel created by ZBC member KrisKelly3D (Kristan Kelly). Incredible detailing and a great render really bring this character to life. Kris shares his entire process from the sculpt, to texturing, to render passes in his thread. Make sure to check this one out if you’re looking for tips on creating realism with details and powerful imagery in 3D!

View KrisKelly3D’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Featured ZBC Thread: Lala



ZBC member Lala is featured in this week’s Top Row with an excellent example of ZBrush sculpting and ZBrush used in advertising. Check out how ZSpheres And ZSketch were used to create dynamic liquid forms for this Lacta chocolate ad. Simply delicious!

View Lala’s thread at ZBrushCentral

View this and other work created by Platinum FMD

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