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Dominance War V: Call for Entries



One of the things we look forward to most each year is the Dominance War competition. Pitting forum across forum across the internet, this annual event by Game Artisans never fails to be truly epic!

As with past years (See Dominance War III & Dominance War IV.), we invite all ZBC members who are participating in this massive contest to post their work at ZBrushCentral. To that end we have created a special sub-forum in the Challenges section. If you have an entry in the competition and are using ZBrush, please share your WIP there! And even if you’re not participating, we encourage everyone to visit the forum and cheer on your favorites. This promises to be some truly incredible ZBrush artwork!

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2011 appears to be the final year in the Dominance War series, bringing an epic conclusion to the storyline. While in past years the objective has been to design epic creations that might ultimately challenge the gods themselves, the goal for this year is to put everything that has come before to shame… literally. For this year, you must design an original god for the Dominance War universe.

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Here’s a few past winners to check out:
ZBC Member Brutikong (Alex Velazquez)
ZBC Member goldo_O (Adrien Debos)
ZBC Member ParkParkin (Dmitry Parkin)

New Digital Tutors training on Multi Map Explorer


Digital Tutors has released a new course on the use of the Multi Map Exporter plugin to speed up map creation workflow. Learn how to export single and multiple subtools, including color textures, ambient occlusion maps, displacement maps, normals maps, cavity maps, and even merged maps over multiple subtools.

Learn more at Digital Tutors

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