Daily Archive for April 14th, 2011

ZBrush artist Alessandro Baldasseroni interviewed in 3DTotal.Com



3D Total recently interviewed ZBrush user Alessandro Baldasseroni, Lead Character Artist at Blur Studios, ZBC member Eklettica, about his growth as an artist and his work at Blur. Alessandro’s work is fantastic and sure to inspire your creativity!

’’Some people prefer to use ZBrush even at early stages for roughing up proportions and later for detailing, whilst other people prefer to rely on a brush only for the details. As far as I am concerned I couldn’t imagine not including ZBrush in every step of my modeling pipeline, even during the early stages whilst blocking in the proportions.’’

Read the interview and see some examples of Alessandro’s work at 3DTotal.com.

View Alessandro ZBC sketchbook thread at ZBrushCentral.

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