Daily Archive for April 25th, 2011

Sneakpeek #1 of ZBrush 4, Release 2 Free Upgrade!



ZBrush 4 Release 2 has been announced! While this exciting new upgrade is still in development, Pixolator has released preview images from the new BPR (Best Preview Render) renderer. These fantastic pre-beta images are rendered right in ZBrush with a full 32-bit floating-point HDR pipeline. BPR in Z4R2 is capable of rendering high quality images while utilizing improved materials, lights, and environment mapping.

In Z4R2 you’ll also find a new LightCap/MatCap designer. LightCap (Light-Capture) is similar to MatCap (Material-Capture) but is applied directly to the environment, not to a particular material. You will also now be able to easily incorporate your sculpture into an HDR background by using R2′s ability to apply shadow to the background-plate as well as auto-generate LightCaps to simulate the environment lights and reflections. Both LightCaps and MatCaps, can be utilized by the real-time preview renderer, this means that you will be able to use ‘fancy’ lights, backdrop and materials while sculpting your mesh!

See the preview thread now at ZBrushCentral

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