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Top ZBrush School – Gnomon featured in 3D artist magazine (issue 25)



3D Artist Magazine has many ZBrush features this month including:

In-depth interview: Gnomon School
Alex Alvarez reveals its past, present and future, pages 26-33

ZBrush Artist in profile: Ali Zafati
“take advantage of ZBrush, an amazing sculpting program that allows artists to increase the polycount to millions without losing control!”

ZBrush artists featured in The Gallery:
Tomasz Strzalkowski ‘Old Ship’
Kazuhiko Nakamura ‘Brain Tower’

Feature : ‘The Art of War’ How ZBrush is being applied in fighting games
Step by Step in ZBrush: Model the Futuristic Femme/Create a biker with Maya & ZBrush

In the workshop: ZBrush 4′s Spotlight tool

ZBrush artist Alessandro Baldasseroni interviewed in 3DTotal.Com



3D Total recently interviewed ZBrush user Alessandro Baldasseroni, Lead Character Artist at Blur Studios, ZBC member Eklettica, about his growth as an artist and his work at Blur. Alessandro’s work is fantastic and sure to inspire your creativity!

’’Some people prefer to use ZBrush even at early stages for roughing up proportions and later for detailing, whilst other people prefer to rely on a brush only for the details. As far as I am concerned I couldn’t imagine not including ZBrush in every step of my modeling pipeline, even during the early stages whilst blocking in the proportions.’’

Read the interview and see some examples of Alessandro’s work at

View Alessandro ZBC sketchbook thread at ZBrushCentral.

3D World Creative Challenge Winner Announced



The winner of the 3D World Magazine Creative Challenge has been announced! On March 9 in the ZBrush Blog, we called out to all artists not currently using ZBrush to compete in 3D World’s latest challenge: create an imaginative creature and win a copy of ZBrush provided by Pixologic! (View the post HERE) The goal of the challenge was to create a base model ready to be subdivided and detailed in ZBrush and judging was based largely on creativity as well as craft.

And the winner of the Creative Challenge and a full feature license of ZBrush is… drum roll please… Kevin Murphy aka Quicky! You can view the winning character HERE. Congratulations, Kevin! We can’t wait to see how you further develop this and many other creatures in ZBrush.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a wonderful competition with other creative minds, where I could push my skills further. It is an honor to win and I will use my ZBrush license to fully detail my winning creature and make it even more gruesome. Thank you 3DWorld and Pixologic for putting this together.” – Kevin Murphy

To view the rest of the finalists, visit

Great work to all and happy ZBrushing!

Rick Baker and ZBrush set sail with Tales from the Grave



The LA Times posted the cover for TALES FROM THE GRAVE #2, which hits stores in July and was unveiled at WonderCon over the weekend by the comic’s publisher, Monsterverse. ZBrush artist Rick Baker created the eye-catching, spooky seafarer with ZBrush. Kerry Gammill, the editor and publisher of Monsterverse, came up with the ship and stormy sea in the background and also handled some color tweaking and the logo work.

See the article at LA Times
Article also featured on Fangoria

View Rick Baker’s WIP’s of the Sailor on ZBrushCentral

‘Tron: Legacy’ costume designer talks ZBrush and light-up suits



Back in December, LA Times talked with Christine Clark, co-costume designer for Tron: Legacy, about the creation of the film’s iconic latex garbs. The costumes are based on the concept art of Neville Page, also created in ZBrush, and are made to fit like a second skin.

“We worked with an application called ZBrush to digitally sculpt the suits. So we took an actor’s digital scans, then sculpted on top of the scans using the program. The material is foam latex with a little Spandex.”
- Christine Clark, co-costume designer

Read the interview with Christine Clark at
Watch a presentation by Neville Page on the costume concept designs HERE

The Brawl: Call for Entries



It’s contestin’ time!

Not only is Game Artisans currently running their annual Dominance War competition, but we’ve also learned that Polycount has another big contest running: The Brawl!

The Brawl is a very unique competition because it combines character and environmental work. The objective is to take your favorite fighter or stage from a 2D or 3D fighting game and create your own 3D interpretation of it. Sounds like fun!

Since ZBrush promises to be extensively used by those entering this contest, we’ve created a special forum here at ZBC where we invite ZBrush artists to share their entries with the ZBC community. And yes, since the first round of judging will be by public vote this is a great way for you to garner that all-important support that can lead to a win!

Haven’t started your entry yet? There’s still time! The contest ends on May 6.

See Contest Rules at PolycountHERE.

See Contest Rules at PolycountHERE.

Good luck to everyone!

Featured ZBC Member: woodys3D



ZBC member woodys3D (“Woody” Dani Garcia) received Top Row honors for his excellent sculpt and romantic final image titled “Sorceress”. Check out the careful application of textures to her skin and wardrobe and the detailing in her magical staff!

View woodys3D’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Featured ZBC Thread: luisnieves



ZBC member luisnieves (Luis Nieves) created a super slick race car driver, posted in his Top Row thread! Utilizing the power of Spotlight, Luis created high quality textures for cloth, leather, metal, you name it! The costume of the driver is carefully sculpted and an excellent example of sculpting expertise.

View luisnieves’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Dominance War V: Call for Entries



One of the things we look forward to most each year is the Dominance War competition. Pitting forum across forum across the internet, this annual event by Game Artisans never fails to be truly epic!

As with past years (See Dominance War III & Dominance War IV.), we invite all ZBC members who are participating in this massive contest to post their work at ZBrushCentral. To that end we have created a special sub-forum in the Challenges section. If you have an entry in the competition and are using ZBrush, please share your WIP there! And even if you’re not participating, we encourage everyone to visit the forum and cheer on your favorites. This promises to be some truly incredible ZBrush artwork!

Go to the Forum

2011 appears to be the final year in the Dominance War series, bringing an epic conclusion to the storyline. While in past years the objective has been to design epic creations that might ultimately challenge the gods themselves, the goal for this year is to put everything that has come before to shame… literally. For this year, you must design an original god for the Dominance War universe.

Click HERE for Contest Info

Here’s a few past winners to check out:
ZBC Member Brutikong (Alex Velazquez)
ZBC Member goldo_O (Adrien Debos)
ZBC Member ParkParkin (Dmitry Parkin)

New Digital Tutors training on Multi Map Explorer


Digital Tutors has released a new course on the use of the Multi Map Exporter plugin to speed up map creation workflow. Learn how to export single and multiple subtools, including color textures, ambient occlusion maps, displacement maps, normals maps, cavity maps, and even merged maps over multiple subtools.

Learn more at Digital Tutors

See additional ZBrush courses from Digital Tutors at
Find more Pixologic approved 3rd Party ZBrush training materials

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