The Brawl: Call for Entries



It’s contestin’ time!

Not only is Game Artisans currently running their annual Dominance War competition, but we’ve also learned that Polycount has another big contest running: The Brawl!

The Brawl is a very unique competition because it combines character and environmental work. The objective is to take your favorite fighter or stage from a 2D or 3D fighting game and create your own 3D interpretation of it. Sounds like fun!

Since ZBrush promises to be extensively used by those entering this contest, we’ve created a special forum here at ZBC where we invite ZBrush artists to share their entries with the ZBC community. And yes, since the first round of judging will be by public vote this is a great way for you to garner that all-important support that can lead to a win!

Haven’t started your entry yet? There’s still time! The contest ends on May 6.

See Contest Rules at PolycountHERE.

See Contest Rules at PolycountHERE.

Good luck to everyone!

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  • Of course it doesnt matter if you do your modeling in some other program as long as it can be imported to Blender to be added to the scene this can be done with a long list of formats …Exact rules polycount limits etc. to be worked out if theres actually anybody interested in trying this…..edit I still think it was a pretty good idea but I guess it was a bit too ambitious.

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