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Featured ZBC Thread: lildragon



Tito Belgrave, ZBC member lildragon, shares game character assets from the newly released Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale! And Mark Vick, ZBC member Ritorian, adds assets from his own portfolio on page 2! This game is sure to be outstanding and we’re excited to see the great character work the team has accomplished in such a short development cycle!

View lildragon’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Computer Graphics Student Awards 2011 deadline warning and submission preview!



Pixologic sponsors The Computer Graphics Student Awards 2011 – See our previous blog post about the contest HERE. Deadline for submissions closes Friday 3rd June so send in your reels now!
Visit CG Coach for more info.

Direct from CGSA – click the link below to view a preview of some of the 2011 contestant submissions and images created with ZBrush!
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ZBrush Training – Creature Creation Techniques in ZBrush



Creature Creation Techniques in ZBrush – Professional Series from Digital Tutors
In this collection of lessons learn about different tools and techniques you can use to enhance your creature creation workflow in ZBrush.

Learn more about the tutorial at Digital Tutors

c4th And The Sculpted Jewels



ZBC member c4th, professional Jeweler Morgan Morey, shares his process for sculpting his jewelry designs in ZBrush, creating prints of the results and then casting them to make the final piece of jewelry. Morgan demonstrates how jewelry making requires a balance between detail and surface area to create the final cast, he also shares some time-lapse videos of his sculpting techniques. We’re very excited to see the new frontiers jewelers are forging with the power of ZBrush!

View c4th’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Featured ZBC Thread: askutt



Adam Skutt, aka askutt on the ZBC, has created a fantastic image of a traditional Mursi man in ZBrush. The portrait itself is very lifelike and striking and the details in the skin, face paint, and accessories brings a gritty realism to this armed Ethiopian tribesman. Check it out to see the fruits of careful research combined with expert texturing skills.

View askutt’s thread at ZBrushCentral

3D Artist: April Issue: 27 ZBrush 4 review gets 10 out of 10



Last month 3D Artist Magazine published a 2 page review of ZBrush 4 (p96/97) and gave it 10 points out of 10!
Features 10/10
Ease of use 9/10
Quality of results 10/10
Value for money 10/10
“Each update to ZBrush is more exciting than the last. ZBrush 4 continues this trend. What can possibly be in store for us in ZBrush 5?”

The magazine front cover features art created in ZBrush by Rafael Grassetti

The Gallery: ZBrush artists p 12-15
Pascal Blanché
Stanko Stupar
Maarten Verhoeven

Other articles:
Great DVD by Tony Reynolds sculpting himself using ZBrush p17
3D artist Arkin Esref is featured with his giant Construction site at sunrise which was created using several programs including ZBrush p50
Good article on Ferdi B Dick creating fluid creatures using ZBrush and Houdini p53 – Artist showcase on Ferdi B Dick p56
Step by Step Model the Futuristic Femme: part3 p68-73
Richard Yot explains his techniques for creating his artwork using ZBrush p64

Featured ZBC Thread: hell666



This week on Top Row, Marcus Mayer, aka hell666, is featured for his stylized personal and professional pieces. Marcus demonstrates the power of a good caricature and a clean sculpt. Check out this thread to get your creative juices flowing!

View hell666′s thread at ZBrushCentral

ZBrush and The Mighty Destroyer for Thor



Following the recent release of Marvel Entertainment’s big-budget effects-o-rama Thor, Luma Pictures showcases its work on key sequences featuring The Mighty Destroyer.

Working with Marvel’s creative VFX team, Luma recreated The Destroyer for the movie using a pipeline of Maya, and ZBrush for character modeling. The studio also used its own in-house rigging toolset.

Read the article at 3D World Magazine

The making of ‘Dirge’ with Alex Alvarez



Get an all-access pass into the workflow of Gnomon founder and director Alex Alvarez with Gnomon Workshop’s newest DVD release – The Making of ‘Dirge’.

“In this extensive eight-hour DVD, Alex Alvarez delves into the the creation of ‘Dirge’, his hellish new animated personal project. Created as a high-resolution two-minute animated loop at 2560×1600 for viewing on a 30″ framed display, ‘Dirge’ was created using Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects and Mental Ray. The entire workflow will be explored, including character and environment design, modeling, sculpting, texturing, shaders, dynamic effects, rigging, animation, lighting, volumetric effects, and compositing… Through it all, Alex discusses not only the technical aspects of this project, of which there were many, but just as important, the artistic decisions and discoveries made during The Making of ‘Dirge’”

For more info visit The Gnomon Workshop

Featured ZBC Thread: chuckhigreen



You may have seen the article on CGSociety’s front page – now ZBC memeber chuckhigreen’s Top Row thread gives you another chance to see the work going into Linh Mai’s promising science fiction concept “The Last Cause”. Linh and his group of artist volunteers have put in lots of hours to help bring their vision to life and to raise funds to complete a short proof-of-concept film. To get the look and feel of a bleak, post-terrorist attack, mech world, these artists turned concept sketches into detailed hard-surface armor and mech robots and created a tragic mutant character too. Check out their ZBrush WIPs and the story behind the film, and visit their fund-raising site to show your support!

View chuckhigreen’s thread at ZBrushCentral
Visit the movie site at
Visit the fundraising site at

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