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Evermotion 2011 arch-vis competition



Evermotion has launched its 2011 arch-viz competition, offering artists prizes including Premium Portfolio accounts on Evermotion.org, Fryrender-ArionRender Multi GPU packs, V-ray, ZBrush and Digital-Tutors subscriptions. The challenge is to create an interior or exterior image of something that is inspiring to the artist. The only condition is that it has to be realistic.

For more info and submission guidelines, visit www.evermotion.org

Featured ZBC Thread: zpetroc



Zack Petroc, ZBC member zpetroc, sets himself with the task of creating a sculpted graphic novel with ZBrush. We’ve seen some great takes on 3D comic creation on the ZBC and we’re glad to see one more. The story of “Adaboy” takes place in the dark ages where an alchemist accident in a small town creates a lethal swarm of underworld creatures and a band of escaped children must fight for their town’s salvation. While still a work in progress, Zack has released a test sequence on his website and some sample images in his ZBC thread. We’re excited to see where Zack takes this project and how the story of Adaboy develops!!

View zpetroc’s thread at ZBrushCentral

View the test sequence and read more about the novel at www.theadaboy.com

Read a profile of Zack Petroc by CGSociety

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