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Pixologic Sponsors CGHUB & Imagine FX legendary art challenge for 2011



CGHUB & Imagine FX are teaming up to bring a legendary art challenge for 2011! 1st Prize wins a license of ZBrush 4 and much much more!
Deadline August 4 2011
Enter now!

Challenge Brief
Fairytales with a Twist – the challenge is encouraging participants to take a favorite classic fairy tale and re-imagine a scene or character from it. Cinderella in space? Sure! Sleeping handsome and Princess charming? Why not? Here’s the chance to re-invent the classics!
“Art is self-referencing, which means we often have to re-imagine old stories in such a way that we make them new again. This is your challenge.” – CG Hub

More info at CG Hub

New ZBrush Training Courses



This week, creatures are the theme. Learn how to quickly block out your tool and add details to bring it to life, and then learn how to take your creature, and your work flow, to the next level.

Shadowbox in ZBrush 4 – Quickly create a creature bust in ZBrush 4 by roughing out your mesh in ShadowBox.

3D Artist Magazine
How to use ZBrush 4′s ShadowBox Tool – Ted Lockwood demonstrates how to use ZBrush 4′s ShadowBox tool to build a stylized, abstract character with a loose, fun workflow.

Digital Tutors
Professional Series: Creature Creation Techniques in ZBrush 4 – This high level course is directed at skilled artists and covers different tools and techniques to enhancing a creature creation workflow.

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