Daily Archive for May 12th, 2011

High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation



Katon Callaway’s “High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation” online course is available again from CGSociety’s CGWorkshops. The previous semester’s course (Zblog post)sold out fast and got great reviews from students, so take advantage of early enrollment now!

“Games look amazing these days, and trying to create all the necessary assets at such a high standard can seem overwhelming. Often, we have a vision that we want to see come to life, but it can be tough with all the tools out there to complete it. Join Katon Callaway as he guides you through the process of creating high-quality, industry ready assets that can be used in modern engines.”

More info and enrollment at CGWorkshops

Featured ZBC Thread: Pteropus vampyrus



Daniel Crossland, aka Pteropus vampyrus, is on the Top Row with his sculpt of the Udasaurus, a prehistoric ocean dweller from Peter Jackson’s lost land of Skull Island in his film King Kong. This detailed sculpt and detailed render looks like a snapshot from a natural history museum, but this super realistic creature was sculpted and polypainted using ZBrush’s HD geometry. Daniel provides several alternate renders and WIP pics to illustrate his process. Don’t miss this one!

View Pteropus vampyrus’s thread at ZBrushCentral

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