Daily Archive for May 24th, 2011

c4th And The Sculpted Jewels



ZBC member c4th, professional Jeweler Morgan Morey, shares his process for sculpting his jewelry designs in ZBrush, creating prints of the results and then casting them to make the final piece of jewelry. Morgan demonstrates how jewelry making requires a balance between detail and surface area to create the final cast, he also shares some time-lapse videos of his sculpting techniques. We’re very excited to see the new frontiers jewelers are forging with the power of ZBrush!

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Featured ZBC Thread: askutt



Adam Skutt, aka askutt on the ZBC, has created a fantastic image of a traditional Mursi man in ZBrush. The portrait itself is very lifelike and striking and the details in the skin, face paint, and accessories brings a gritty realism to this armed Ethiopian tribesman. Check it out to see the fruits of careful research combined with expert texturing skills.

View askutt’s thread at ZBrushCentral

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