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High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation



Katon Callaway’s “High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation” online course is available again from CGSociety’s CGWorkshops. The previous semester’s course (Zblog post)sold out fast and got great reviews from students, so take advantage of early enrollment now!

“Games look amazing these days, and trying to create all the necessary assets at such a high standard can seem overwhelming. Often, we have a vision that we want to see come to life, but it can be tough with all the tools out there to complete it. Join Katon Callaway as he guides you through the process of creating high-quality, industry ready assets that can be used in modern engines.”

More info and enrollment at CGWorkshops

Featured ZBC Thread: Pteropus vampyrus



Daniel Crossland, aka Pteropus vampyrus, is on the Top Row with his sculpt of the Udasaurus, a prehistoric ocean dweller from Peter Jackson’s lost land of Skull Island in his film King Kong. This detailed sculpt and detailed render looks like a snapshot from a natural history museum, but this super realistic creature was sculpted and polypainted using ZBrush’s HD geometry. Daniel provides several alternate renders and WIP pics to illustrate his process. Don’t miss this one!

View Pteropus vampyrus’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Final Fantasy XIV Creature Design in ZBrush



The artists behind the fantastical creatures of Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix discuss how they brought realism and artistry to the game’s realm of Eorzea.

“To help players immerse themselves in this world we’ve created, we’re designing Eorzea’s creatures with attention to the tiniest details.”
- Yuji Mitsuishi – Character Animator

Watch the feature via YouTube: First see how natural movement brought realism to the characters, then watch how they were created in ZBrush (2:30).

ZBrush Design “Freedom” Challenge



The Freedom Challenge from is going on now! Submit your entries by July 4th to win a new Wacom Cintiq 12WX, a 3D printed sculpture of your winning entry, and much more!


FREEDOM: freedom/\ˈfrē-dəm\/Noun
1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
2. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
3. An international challenge to allow thinking “outside the box” with artistic and creative expression.

What does FREEDOM mean to you? If you think about freedom from a creative point of view, it could mean everything from a war prisoner’s daring escape from his captives, Icarus leaping from his perch taking flight, even Frankenstein’s monster breaking free of his castle wall shackles. Depending on where you live in the world, your life’s experiences and how past or present events have effected your vision, as an artist, freedom can be many things to many different people. This is the challenge we bestow upon you. So…you up for a challenge?

More info and rules at

Featured ZBC Thread: Energise



ZBC member Energise (Jonas Skoog) is up on the Top Row with his excellent Soviet Special Purpose Forces Operative character sculpt. The portrait and details are flawless and Jonas shares some steps in his process including how he creates such realistic fabric! Visit this thread for some great tips and inspiration!

View Energise’s thread at ZBrushCentral

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows animated sequence by Framestore



Dale Newton of FX company Framestore is featured in an interview on the production of the beautiful “movie within a movie” animated sequence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. The 2.5 min. animated sequence tells the Tale of the Three Brothers from the “Tales of Beedle the Bard”. The animation’s unique back-lit style borrows from the pioneering paper cut-out animations of Lotte Reininger and traditional puppetry of the Mediterranean and Far East. The Framestore team took 6 months to complete this inspirational animation, using ZBrush to develop and texture the assets prior to animation.

Read the interview at

Watch a clip of the animation at

Pixologic Sponsors CGHUB & Imagine FX legendary art challenge for 2011



CGHUB & Imagine FX are teaming up to bring a legendary art challenge for 2011! 1st Prize wins a license of ZBrush 4 and much much more!
Deadline August 4 2011
Enter now!

Challenge Brief
Fairytales with a Twist – the challenge is encouraging participants to take a favorite classic fairy tale and re-imagine a scene or character from it. Cinderella in space? Sure! Sleeping handsome and Princess charming? Why not? Here’s the chance to re-invent the classics!
“Art is self-referencing, which means we often have to re-imagine old stories in such a way that we make them new again. This is your challenge.” – CG Hub

More info at CG Hub

New ZBrush Training Courses



This week, creatures are the theme. Learn how to quickly block out your tool and add details to bring it to life, and then learn how to take your creature, and your work flow, to the next level.

Shadowbox in ZBrush 4 – Quickly create a creature bust in ZBrush 4 by roughing out your mesh in ShadowBox.

3D Artist Magazine
How to use ZBrush 4′s ShadowBox Tool – Ted Lockwood demonstrates how to use ZBrush 4′s ShadowBox tool to build a stylized, abstract character with a loose, fun workflow.

Digital Tutors
Professional Series: Creature Creation Techniques in ZBrush 4 – This high level course is directed at skilled artists and covers different tools and techniques to enhancing a creature creation workflow.

Squid vs. Whale



Mark Fairless talks with 3D World about the creation of his illustration, “Squid vs. Whale” – this inspirational ZBrush project was inspired by the likes of 20,000 leagues under the sea. New to ZBrush, Mark shares the unique process he developed using ZBrush and After Effects to create the final 2D image.

See the article at

“The Largest Dinosaur” brought to life with ZBrush



NEW YORK, April 18 — The American Museum of Natural History is featuring a life-sized model of the Sauropod Mamenchisaurus Hochuanensis at the center of the new exhibition The World’s Largest Dinosaurs. The model measures 60 feet long and stands 11 feet high at the shoulder; the neck alone is nearly 30 feet long.

To achieve such finely detailed texture, a digital artist in Hall Train’s (Chief Sculptor) Ireland studio used a computer sculpting program called ZBrush to create an “infinite digital dinosaur skin” that he could apply all over the 3D computer model for the most realistic effect. “You have to create a graphic version of what the skin looks like,” Train explains. “Then you can manipulate it, skew it, compress it, expand it, get it to do all the things a dinosaur’s skin should do.”

Read about the making of the exhibit at

Read an article about the exhibit at

See more dinosaur fabrication and animation by Hall Train Studios

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