Pixologic Sponsors CGHUB & Imagine FX legendary art challenge for 2011

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Ernest


CGHUB & Imagine FX are teaming up to bring a legendary art challenge for 2011! 1st Prize wins a license of ZBrush 4 and much much more!
Deadline August 4 2011
Enter now!

Challenge Brief
Fairytales with a Twist – the challenge is encouraging participants to take a favorite classic fairy tale and re-imagine a scene or character from it. Cinderella in space? Sure! Sleeping handsome and Princess charming? Why not? Here’s the chance to re-invent the classics!
“Art is self-referencing, which means we often have to re-imagine old stories in such a way that we make them new again. This is your challenge.” – CG Hub

More info at CG Hub