“The Largest Dinosaur” brought to life with ZBrush

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Ernest


NEW YORK, April 18 — The American Museum of Natural History is featuring a life-sized model of the Sauropod Mamenchisaurus Hochuanensis at the center of the new exhibition The World’s Largest Dinosaurs. The model measures 60 feet long and stands 11 feet high at the shoulder; the neck alone is nearly 30 feet long.

To achieve such finely detailed texture, a digital artist in Hall Train’s (Chief Sculptor) Ireland studio used a computer sculpting program called ZBrush to create an “infinite digital dinosaur skin” that he could apply all over the 3D computer model for the most realistic effect. “You have to create a graphic version of what the skin looks like,” Train explains. “Then you can manipulate it, skew it, compress it, expand it, get it to do all the things a dinosaur’s skin should do.”

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