Daily Archive for June 16th, 2011

Featured ZBC Thread: jjvdb15



The ZBC has given us an unbelievable treat! The enormously talented staffers of Sony Santa Monica have given themselves the Lunch-crunch challenge of sculpting their own take on the characters of Super Mario Bros. James Van Den Bogart (jjvdb15), Katon Callaway (Katonc), Bryan Wynia (Bryan Wynia), Tyler Breon (Breoniks), and Dustin Blattner (Dust_in) have all contributed their impressive lunchtime sculpts and some time-lapse videos to this Top Row thread. Truly an inspiration, we’re excited to see their next characters (the ladies at Pixologic wonder: where’s the princess?) and hope we’ll see more Lunch-crunch challenges out of Sony Santa Monica!

View jjvdb15′s thread at ZBrushCentral

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