Artist in Action: The Venus from the Rhone River

Posted on June 9, 2011 by Ernest


Pixologic launches a new series of “Artist in Action” features and the first post is by one of our own: Pixologic French team member Thomas Roussel worked with the Arles Museum to reconstruct the features of a Greek Venus sculpture found deep in the Rhone River in Arles, France. Also recently featured in 3D Artist Magazine, the project is a great example of how ZBrush is being used beyond the entertainment industry, bringing new possibilites to historical reconstructions, science and medical visuals, sculpture, jewelry, and more.

Since the statue’s discovery, the Arles museum has performed much research into its original appearance, from the missing parts to the coloration. (Most people don’t realize this, but traditional Greek sculpture was actually painted!) Additionally, this project has been documented for a TV broadcast aired on a prime time TV show on French national television, showing elements of ZBrush to more than 3.6 million viewers!

Discover how ZBrush was used to work on the scan data of the head, rebuild the figure and finally paint it, in collaboration with the Arles museum and Eclectic Production / 2ASM.

Read the feature HERE.

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