Register NOW for Anatomy 2.0 from ZBrushWorkshops

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Ernest


Pixologic training partner, ZBrushWorkshops, has opened registration for its all ZBrush anatomy class called Anatomy 2.0. This class uses innovative new features in ZBrush such as Shadowbox and the Clip brushes to make learning anatomy simple and enjoyable. If you haven’t caught Ryan Kingslien’s four videos about why anatomy is important make sure to download them from the front page of ZBrushWorkshops.

Visit ZBrushWorkshops for more details.

3 responses to “Register NOW for Anatomy 2.0 from ZBrushWorkshops”

  1. Satish says:


    I would like to know resigter myself for your next batch of this workshop. Do let me know the details


  2. justin shaw says:

    How can I buy this video? I must have it. This is so amazing.

  3. marcelo polesso says:

    I would like to register my self.
    Please let me know when stars and all the datils.
    Thank you,

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