New ZBrush Tutorials

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Ernest


Whether you’re a ZBrush novice or a seasoned veteran, these tutorials will help you expand your creativity and push your art to the next level. For more tutorials from our 3rd party partners, visit ZClassroom Training

Concept Sculpting and Maquettes, w/ Bryan Wynia
In the second of CGWorkshops 3 week summer school workshops, Bryan will demonstrate how to create 3D creature concepts in Zbrush.

Modern Game Art – Weapons, w/ Jonathan Rush
Suitable for artists of all levels, this course will cover the principles of hard surface modeling in Zbrush.

Digital Tutors
Using Blend Shapes Plugin for ZBrush
Digital Tutors explains how to use the Blend Shapes plugin in ZBrush to quickly create and export blend shapes for use in Maya.

Sparkle VFX
ZBrush Training – ZSpheres, w/ Glen Southern
Learn how to create a dynamic model from the ground up using ZSpheres. FREE!

ZBrush Power Workshops: German Language
Maxro has just released a DVD that covers LightBox, ShadowBox, Subtools, Polypainting, BPR, Animation, Extraction, and more.

2 responses to “New ZBrush Tutorials”

  1. elpistolero says:

    great tuts

  2. bahar tashakkor says:


    I like to use books or DVDs to study and already did some tutorial on web, trying to learn Zbrush. But, i didn’t bought any books by now because I do’nt know if there’s a good one out there and where I can find it.

    Can someone show me a good zbrush book or DVD for sale that takes me from beginner to intermediate level?

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