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Free tutorial from


Free 8 min. tutorial on shows you how to take your characters from ZBrush into the Mixamo Auto-Rigger and quickly add rigging and animated movements to your character.

Mixamo presents the ultimate solution for ZBrush artists delivering assets into Unity3D. Speed up development time by rigging, testing, and animating your character on – then download directly into Unity.

1. Create model in ZBrush
2. Auto-Rig & animate on
3. Import to Unity 3D

Watch the tutorial at

ZBrush Interview: Deus Ex: Human Revolution


One of the oldest and most respected franchises in the gaming world, Deus Ex has long been awaiting a third installment. It’s here at last! Released on August 23, 2011 “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” has already garnered terrific praise from critics and even higher accolades from gamers. As an example, IGN gave the game a score of 9.0 which they classify as “amazing”. The player reviews on the same site give it a solid 10.

On an artistic front, the game has a very distinctive look that manages to be both realistic and stylized. It is a beautiful game with clever details everywhere you look. What’s more, since the story focuses on human augmentation (bionics) moving into the mainstream, the art team had to blend man with machine. It had to look high tech, yet because this story is actually a prequel to the previous games it also had to look more primitive than what has been seen in the past.

For this interview, we spoke with Sébastien Legrain — known here at ZBC as sebcesoir. He’s been an avid ZBrush user for a long time now and many of you will no doubt remember his The RiSiNG thread or phenomenal Projection Master tutorial. Always willing to share with the community, he was more than happy to talk about his team’s techniques as they tackled Deus Ex.

Read the interview HERE.

Join in the conversation on the ZBC thread at ZBrushCentral.

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.

Sneak Peek #3 OF ZBRUSH 4R2 – “Clay Time”


Pixolator presents Sneak Peak #3 of ZBrush 4 Release 2 – Making Time For Art, “Clay Time”!!! Discover more about one of the new core feature of ZBrush 4R2: Dynamesh.

“DynaMesh enables you to explore multiple concepts in a very short period of time. You do not need to create a base mesh to fit your target-concept, or even have a specific concept in mind. You may simply select a sphere, activate DynaMesh, and let your creative juices flow! It is exhilarating to freely reshape the mesh and quickly explore many ideas until you arrive at a concept worthy of progressing into finer detail.”

– Pixolator

Read Pixolator’s Sneak Peek Thread on ZBrushCentral

Pixolator presents, Clay Time:

Creating Modern Game Art – Weapons with ZBrush



CGWorkshop’s 3 week summer course was so successful, they’re bringing it back for the fall! Building a great weapon can be different to creating a character or creature. EA Bioware’s Jon Rush helps you hone your sculpting skills on a piece of awesome weaponry.

This workshop covers the principles of hard surface modeling and how to deal with hard surface shapes in ZBrush. Bring your passion for 3D to this short fall workshop and let Jon perfect your weapon creation skills with ZBrush!

“I think I’ve learned more about 3D for games in the last three weeks than I did in a year at college.”
- Kevin Fawcett, student July 2011

Find out more at CGWorkshops

Featured ZBC Thread: PietraSerena



Nils Hansen’s (“PietraSerena” on the ZBC) background as a classically trained sculptor is easily spotted in this sketchbook thread. In fact, he even shows several real-world examples of his work. You will also find a spectacular example of hard-surface sculpting, completed almost entirely within ZBrush and highly reminiscent of a certain steed from Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. And if you can leave squeamishness aside, be sure to watch Ecliptic – a short film about a cockroach that is chock full of ZBrush elements.

See PietraSerena’s thread at ZBrushCentral

High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation Course, Registration Opens Soon



Katon Callaway’s “High-End Fantasy Game Art Creation” online course is available again from CGSociety’s CGWorkshops, enrollment opens August 22nd. This course sells out fast and has gotten great reviews from students, so take advantage of early enrollment now!

“Games look amazing these days, and trying to create all the necessary assets at such a high standard can seem overwhelming. Often, we have a vision that we want to see come to life, but it can be tough with all the tools out there to complete it. Join Katon Callaway as he guides you through the process of creating high-quality, industry ready assets that can be used in modern engines.”

More info and enrollment at CGWorkshops

SIGGRAPH 2011 – Straight from the ZBlog


Siggraph 2011 promised to be an event of extreme proportions. The city of Vancouver was touted as a fun place with great surrounding attractions, and a Convention Center made famous during the 2010 Winter Olympics.
The city and its people didn’t disappoint!

The “Big Black Box” as it was being called on the showroom floor, reigned supreme and was never short of visitors. Pixologic really stood out as the show stopper with an ensemble cast of presenters taken straight from the ranks of Hollywood and Vancouver’s finest studios!

Special thanks to our industry artist presenters!
Click Here to see presenter list and profile.


The big news was the unveiling of ZBrush 4R2.
There sure has been a lot of talk and ZBrush users finally got to see what all the fuss was about!
You can take a peek at the new features in two ‘sneak preview’ movies for ZBrush 4R2 on ZBrushCentral:
Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2

The big ZBrush 4R2 release (for Win and Mac) is scheduled for September 20th 2011.


The booth was also home to the “one a day give away” prize drawing which saw three lucky contestants take home some pretty awesome Sideshow Collectibles. Congratulations to:

  • Bret McNee (X23 vs. Lady Deathstrike)
  • Andreas Maaninka (Neytiri)
  • Meng Lee (Snake Eyes vs. Red Ninjas)

Here’s what they had to say:

“As a ZBrush user and 3D character artist, the gift of a Sideshow Collectable piece was the cherry on top of my Siggraph experience.” Bret McNee

“What an unexpected and great way to end a very nice Siggraph week.” Andreas Maaninka

“I really enjoyed my time at theevent and winning the draw was the icing on the cake… The constant innovations and improvements with every release demonstrates your commitment to digital artists.” Meng Lee


Don’t forget to check out the awesome ZBrush Teaser Video which played on the bigscreen at the Pixologic booth throughout Siggraph 2011. It was epic!

Watch 1080p HD on YouTube

Thanks again to everybody who participated and helped make Siggraph 2011 at the Pixologic booth such an overwhelming success. See you all again soon.

The Pixologic Team

Featured ZBC Thread: Jelmer


Sculpting pro Jelmer Boskma (ZBC’s “Jelmer”) has posted 2 new beautiful characters to his new ZBC thread. Perhaps you were lucky enough to see Jelmer present Mr. Bigears and Mr. Longneck, from his current short film project, last week at the Pixologic booth at Siggraph. The thread includes some stunning renders as well as some motion tests and Jelmer’s latest demo reel. A must-see!

See Jelmer’s thread at ZBrushCentral

ZBrush Interview: Framestore, London on Coca-Cola “Siege”


Most of the time when watching TV we tend to tune out during the commercials or even go do something else around the house until the program returns. Not so with the Super Bowl! This annual event charges the highest prices on U.S. TV for commercial slots and so advertisers always try to come up with something really special to grab audience attention and make that investment pay off. The result is that some people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials rather than the game!

One of this year’s stand-out entries came from Coca-Cola in the form of an epic animated fantasy battle — with an unexpected conclusion. This highly memorable commercial was created in CG by Framestore under the production of Nexus. While it may have taken some a while to actually make this interview happen, we’re sure you’ll agree it was wroth the wait! The artists at Framestore really went all out, providing us with an unprecedented number of turntables for your viewing pleasure and even a behind the scenes “making of” movie!

Read the interview HERE.

Join in the conversation on the ZBC thread at ZBrushCentral.

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.

Sculpting a Catwoman Base Mesh


Ryan Kingslien of ZBrush Workshops takes you through his steps to create a Catwoman base mesh for the latest ZBrush Workshops’ Sculpting Challenge. The 3 videos available on YouTube begin with a ZSphere frame and show you how to sculpt in a muscular feminine form with accuracy and style. Definitely watch these videos if you want to beef-up on your surface muscle anatomy!

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