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ZBrush, “For The Man Who Has Everything”



Dave Gibbons, the legendary artist of “Watchmen”, used ZBrush while working on “Superman: For The Man Who Has Everything.” ZBrush was utilized to create a three-dimensional model of the villain Mongul’s head, as it is such an odd shape, Gibbons had difficulty rendering it directly from his mind.

Gibbons came to Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss his life as a comic book creator and impart some technical knowledge upon the masses of fans who hope to follow in his footsteps. The interview rules were simple: Call out a letter, and let Gibbons do the rest. Covering the letters “Z” and “Q”, he described two of the tools he has utilized to make his artwork, the computer program ZBrush and Q-Tips.
(Taken from www.comicbookresources.com Contributing writer, David Winnick

Featured ZBC Thread: Sebcesoir



Since his first post in April 2009, it has been thrilling and illuminating to watch the progression of Sebastien Legrain’s (Sebcesoir on the ZBC’s) personal project, the Evangelion Eva 01 head. It’s not often that the ZBrushCentral Community has the opportunity to see each step unfold like this, and now that Sebastien’s hard-surface masterpiece is finally finished, we encourage you to revisit the thread from start to finish. Sebastien breaks down each Subtool to show how the head is composed, shares his time-saving texturing techniques with Projection Master, and documents the changes in his creative process that led to the final outcome. This is definitely a Must-See thread!

See Sebcesoir’s thread at ZBrushCentral

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