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Posted on August 31, 2011 by Ernest

Free 8 min. tutorial on shows you how to take your characters from ZBrush into the Mixamo Auto-Rigger and quickly add rigging and animated movements to your character.

Mixamo presents the ultimate solution for ZBrush artists delivering assets into Unity3D. Speed up development time by rigging, testing, and animating your character on – then download directly into Unity.

1. Create model in ZBrush
2. Auto-Rig & animate on
3. Import to Unity 3D

Watch the tutorial at

2 responses to “Free tutorial from”

  1. Paul Treckin says:

    I can’t believe this hasn’t had any response yet. I went and tried this thing out and it is…unbelievable. There are so many crappy automatic rigging tools out there but this one unbelivably does what it says it does. I uploaded my model out of zbrush and had it rigged and animated and ready to show a client in a few minutes.

  2. Kim says:

    Mixamo is amazing, but I can’t get my models to upload with texture maps. Any suggestions?

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