ZBrush, “For The Man Who Has Everything”

Posted on August 1, 2011 by Ernest


Dave Gibbons, the legendary artist of “Watchmen”, used ZBrush while working on “Superman: For The Man Who Has Everything.” ZBrush was utilized to create a three-dimensional model of the villain Mongul’s head, as it is such an odd shape, Gibbons had difficulty rendering it directly from his mind.

Gibbons came to Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss his life as a comic book creator and impart some technical knowledge upon the masses of fans who hope to follow in his footsteps. The interview rules were simple: Call out a letter, and let Gibbons do the rest. Covering the letters “Z” and “Q”, he described two of the tools he has utilized to make his artwork, the computer program ZBrush and Q-Tips.
(Taken from www.comicbookresources.com Contributing writer, David Winnick