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Turntable Gallery Updates



We have just added a few turntables courtesy of ZBrush 4R2 beta testers Bruno Câmara, Brett Briley, Cézar Brandão, Marco Plouffe, and Michael Defeo. Check out the amazing renders they achieved using the new BPR features! Also, be sure to stop by ZBrushCentral and take a look at the ZBrush 4R2 Beta Tester Forum to view more images and tutorials.

View the ZBrush Turntable Gallery
View the ZBrush 4R2 Beta Tester Forum

ZBrush 4R2 ZClassroom Movies. Update #1


We are currently finalizing the ZClassroom movie section for ZBrush 4R2. Although it will take some time before all ZClassroom movies are completed, we opted to share with you the movies as they are available on the ZBC.

The first movie is about Z4R2 capabilities to blend shaders and materials. Learning how to take advantage of this new feature and the other rendering enhancements will benefit you at all stages of creation, from the early concept to the final polished stage.

Watch the new tutorial on ZBrushCentral

Making Realistic Dinosaurs With ZBrush


Upcoming Fox Series Terra Nova uses some impressive visual effects for a TV production. In creating a TV program, production time is a major issue, so visual-effects supervisor Kevin Blank, animation supervisor Colin Brady, and character designer Dan Katcher use ZBrush to sculpt the show’s dinosaurs and other assorted creatures.

“We’re modeling as part of the design process, rather than taking a lot of time doing orthographic drawings. So we’re starting very efficiently from the design process, using pretty much off-the-shelf software.” – Colin Brady, animation supervisor

Read an article on creating visual effects or Terra Nova at

Official Release of ZBrush 4R2 for Win and Mac


Welcome to the official release of ZBrush 4R2 for Win and Mac


Pixologic is back at it again with the awesome ZBrush 4R2!

With incredible new features like DynaMesh, Curve Mode, HDRI Rendering, LightCap and Insert Brushes to name a few, you’ll have so much fun you won’t want to put it down! Go ahead and indulge yourself, stay up late creating fantastic art for days!

Visit the ZBrush 4R2 High Resolution Gallery to see the amazing artwork created by the Z4R2 beta testing team and check out all the great new features at to find out what all the fuss is about!

“ZBrush 4R2 represents everything I had always wanted from digital sculpting. Its new features, DynaMesh, the Insert Brushes, and the new Curve Brushes unlock an artist’s imagination, and remove the polygon chains we have worn for far too long. Sculpting today has reached a new threshold.”

Ryan Kingslien ZBrush Workshops

ZBR2 Announcement


Important announcement to our users:

ZBrush 4R2 has not yet been released, Social Media buzz claiming otherwise is incorrect. and will announce when the update is officially released today, please be patient! If you have questions regarding the release plans, please see:

ZBrush 4R2 Upgrade Preview



We are thrilled to be so close to the next major update for ZBrush: ZBrush 4R2!

ZBrush 4R2 is packed with new and exciting features, additions and changes designed to fit your needs and the way you work. While the release itself is still a few days away, we wanted to help you prepare now by providing the following info to explain exactly how the upgrade will be done.

View ZBrush 4R2 Upgrade Preview Here.

On behalf of the entire Pixologic Team, we would like to thank you for being valued members of our community. It is the enthusiasm and support of our users that drives us to constantly push the limits of computer art and even redefine what digital modeling is.

We are excited to be able to provide ZBrush 4R2 to you as a free upgrade. Be sure to post your creations at ZBrushCentral!

Sculptris wins New Application of the Year in 3D World Magazine International CG Awards



We are delighted that Sculptris was voted the No.1 ‘New Application of the Year’ by an expert panel and the community in the 3D World Magazine International CG Awards!

More info at

“This award recognizes the best new asset-creation applications that have been released over the past year, which provide stable, useful and usable tools for the CG artist.”
-3D World Magazine

Download your free copy of Sculptris HERE

ZBrush’s Shadow Box modeling was also voted runner up in the ‘Software Innovation of the Year’ category.
To learn more about ZBrush’s tools, including Shadowbox, visit:

Macworld Rates ZBrush 4.5 Mice


ZBrush 4 has received 4.5 out of 5 mice in a review published today on

“The addition of some major new features like GoZ, ShadowBox, Spotlight, PolyPainting Layers, Timeline, and ZSketch, make this organic sculpting 3D modeler a must-have for designers in genres from gaming and animation to manufacturing and toy design.”

- Jeff Foster, – September 15, 2011

With all the great features in Version 4, it’s no wonder it continues to catch the attention of critics and users alike. The newest advancements in ZBrush 4 Release 2, releasing this Tuesday, September 20th, are sure to amaze them all once more. Stay tuned!

Read the full review on

Making Time For Art, Sneak Peek #4 OF ZBRUSH 4R2


Pixolator presents Making Time For Art, Sneak Peek #4 of ZBrush 4 Release 2 – A closer look at the power of the revolutionary new feature, Dynamesh. Pixolator’s newest video preview reveals how using Dynamesh in your workflow will free your creativity and speed-up your work time.

“DynaMesh enables you to explore multiple concepts in a very short period of time. You do not need to create a base mesh to fit your target-concept, or even have a specific concept in mind. You may simply select a sphere, activate DynaMesh, and let your creative juices flow! It is exhilarating to freely reshape the mesh and quickly explore many ideas until you arrive at a concept worthy of progressing into finer detail.”

– Pixolator

Read Pixolator’s Sneak Peek Thread on ZBrushCentral

Pixolator presents, Clay Time:

Featured ZBC Thread: ciaocesar


Ciao Cesar’s (“ciaocesar” on the ZBC) latest post to his previously featured thread is another incredible sculpt, a fan art model from Exodyssey based on concepts by Barontieri and Feerik. The ZBrush model is perfectly crafted with a combination of hard and fluid lines. Ciao has added some WIP images of the steps in his sculpting process making this update a must-see.

See ciaocesar’s thread at ZBrushCentral

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