Official Release of ZBrush 4R2 for Win and Mac

Welcome to the official release of ZBrush 4R2 for Win and Mac


Pixologic is back at it again with the awesome ZBrush 4R2!

With incredible new features like DynaMesh, Curve Mode, HDRI Rendering, LightCap and Insert Brushes to name a few, you’ll have so much fun you won’t want to put it down! Go ahead and indulge yourself, stay up late creating fantastic art for days!

Visit the ZBrush 4R2 High Resolution Gallery to see the amazing artwork created by the Z4R2 beta testing team and check out all the great new features at to find out what all the fuss is about!

“ZBrush 4R2 represents everything I had always wanted from digital sculpting. Its new features, DynaMesh, the Insert Brushes, and the new Curve Brushes unlock an artist’s imagination, and remove the polygon chains we have worn for far too long. Sculpting today has reached a new threshold.”

Ryan Kingslien ZBrush Workshops

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