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Artist in Action: Stefano Dubay



There’s no better way to get the ball rolling on a Monday than to experience some of the new features of ZBrush 4R2! Today we are featuring a thread by Beta Tester Stefano Dubay. He has posted a short tutorial on how he makes gesture sculptures using DynaMesh. Check out his step by step description and turntable. It’s something you’ll definitely be able to add into your workflow!

View the thread at ZBrushCentral
View Stefano’s user gallery here

Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance



The Gnomon School of Visual Effects has just opened enrollment for their Master Classes 2011. Among all of the delicious courses for you to sink your teeth into, is Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance. In this two hour lecture, David will be providing an in-depth look into how he uses ZBrush in his workflow for creating environment pieces. If you enroll before November 14, Gnomon is kicking you a $30 discount. Not too bad!

To view more about David’s class and to enroll, visit Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Turntable Gallery Updates



Artist Jose Alves da Silva (aka zeoyn) is our most recent inductee into the ZBrush Turntable Gallery! His sculpt, “General Rhino,” was created entirely in ZBrush and rendered with the new BPR system. He made this for an upcoming tutorial in 3D Creative Magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

View Jose’s turntable at the ZBrush Turntable Gallery
Check out Jose’s sketchbook and user gallery at ZBrushCentral.

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: Power-Up Heroes



Artists Luis Antonio (aka CastorPT) and Raphael Boyon (aka bohemond) have recently posted a few of the suits they created for Kinect “Power-Up Heroes.” The characters were sculpted 100% with ZBrush and had to fit within a very specific silhouette.

“The cybernetic guy was a great challenge since we never got a final concept for it. I used polypaint to draw patterns on the body until we found a armor design that would work (his back and arms open to release miniguns and rocket launchers). It was great to conceptualize directly in 3D and be able to see it come to live.” — Luis Antonio, Ubisoft

Concept art: Jordan Ratzlaff & Chen-Yu Shen
Modeling and texturing: Zhao Fei, Luis Antonio, Raphael Boyon

View the full thread at ZBrushCentral.

Gears of War 3: The Ladies



The male characters of Gears of War have always been shown as strong and dominant, so for artist Chris Wells, “the most challenging part was to try to achieve a balance of beauty and strength.” We think he did a pretty stellar job. Chris has posted the characters he created in a thread on ZBrushCentral. If the post earlier today wasn’t enough to get you playing this game, this is sure to seal the deal!

View Chris Wells’s thread

Two Epic Threads



Veteran ZBC users Kevin Johnstone and rv_el have posted the work they did for Gears of War 3. In two threads, they showcase an abundance of creatures and environment work – both final renders and shots of the models from ZBrush. If you haven’t played the game yet, the artwork will make you wonder what you’re waiting for!

View Kevin Johnstone’s thread
View rv_el’s thread

Artist in Action: Bruno Camara



ZBrush 4R2 beta tester Bruno Câmara posted a speed sculpt he did starting with DynaMesh and finishing with the new BPR features (concept by Jasper Sandner). In his post, he has included a step by step and a time lapse video of his process. If you haven’t started playing with the new features yet, this is a great way to see them in action!

View Bruno Câmara’s post at ZBrushCentral.

ZBrush Gallery Updates



We have recently updated the ZBrush Gallery with a few new artists. Please join us in welcoming Rodia, Caio Cesar, Insun Kwon, Joseph Drust, and Zaliti. Congratulations all!

View the ZBrush Gallery here.

ZBrush used in Discovery’s “Dinosaur Revolution”



ZBC user Vlad Konstantinov (Swordlord) recently posted a thread with his work from Discovery’s “Dinosaur Revolution.” He sculpted or was involved in the sculpting of all of the characters for the show, and used ZBrush for most of it.

View Vlad’s thread at ZBrushCentral.
Watch clips from Dinosaur Revolution at

Featured ZBC Thread: Insun Kwon



Insun Kwon is the first artist to be inducted into the Top Row since the release of ZBrush 4R2. The image that gave him the nod was modeled in ZBrush and rendered with the new BPR system. Check it out and see what the new version is capable of!

View Insun Kwon’s thread here.

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