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Concept Sculpting and Maquettes with Bryan Wynia



Sony Santa Monica’s Bryan Wynia brings you the second CG Workshop’s 3 Week Summer School Workshops. ZBrush master and Pixologic demonstrator Bryan goes through the process of creating 3D creature concepts in ZBrush.

Work alongside Bryan as he helps you find references, brainstorm, create thumbnails and practice speed-sculpting your concepts. He’ll then help you select your strongest idea to refine and evolve, polypaint and render ready for your final image.

Bryan has taught a number of classes and workshops, and is respected both as a creator, and as a trainer in ZBrush concept creation. His work has featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Imagine FX, 3D Artist and 3D World Magazines.

To sign up for the workshop, visit CG Workshops.

Ready, Set, Render!



Proving that render time is anytime, Pixolator puts the shine on the Bugatti above. Take a look at those reflections, just another example of the awesome power found inside ZBrush 4R2. The HDRI lighting rigs, and BPR render system are at the heart of what make this image so great. Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 “The Next Step in Digital Art.”

“Thanks to the enhancements to BPR and the new LightCap and BPR Filters in Z4R2, you are now able to achieve higher quality renders quite easily (and faster than previously possible). Furthermore, in Z4R2, the rendering engine has been updated to a full 32 bits per channel pipeline, this includes all the shaders and MatCaps. The new MatCaps are now able to process 96bits per pixel; which is exactly what you get when you use the LightCap system to create MatCaps. The Diffuse and Specular maps that are created by LightCap are composed of 32 bits per channel and therefore, are far superior to any 8 bits per channel imported images.” — Pixolator

To view a video on how Pixolator set up the “studio lights” in this model, visit ZBrushCentral.

ZBC Halloween Challenge 2011



It’s that time of year again! Witches and monsters, spooks and silliness; everything is fair game in this year’s ZBC Halloween Challenge. Your chance to scare people with the power of your imagination!!!

Between now and October 31, open a thread in the Halloween Challenge 2011 forum. You can start with a completed image or you can post a work-in-progress that you will finish by Halloween. Share your techniques, advice and critiques with your fellow entrants. Above all, have fun!

  • Your entry must have a Halloween theme.
  • Your entry should be created entirely in ZBrush. It can be a full scene, a turntable or a scary model.
  • Keep it clean! No entry should require the “Mature Audience” tag.

Deadline for entries is the witching hour: Midnight on October 31, 2011.

The Halloween Challenge historically gives participants a lot of exposure, so be sure to make your creation something that you can be proud of! Really push the limits of what you can do!

Start your thread here!

Steve Jobs 1955-2011



Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

Steve Jobs leaves behind a lasting legacy. His contributions have transformed and shaped how we interact not only with computers, but with one another.

On behalf of the entire Pixologic staff, our warmest and most heartfelt sympathies are extended to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

Pixologic’s ZBrush 4R2 wins CGW Silver Edge Award at Siggraph 2011



In what has already been touted as a stellar month in the world of digital clay, and fresh on the foot heels of the ZBrush 4R2 official launch, Pixologic staff were delighted to find news of the most recent success in their inboxes early this afternoon.

The energy in the community has been great, and this just helps to put more wind in the sails for what is already being discussed as arguably the best point update made available to date.

Siggraph 2011, in case you missed it, was a star studded event at the Pixologic booth. They didn’t disappoint, with wave after wave, of rock star quality industry professionals presenting the all new ZBrush 4R2.

“The new additions to ZBrush 4 R2 are awesome. I can’t think of not having it in my day to day creation of characters.”
—Brett Briley ID Software

Here’s to celebrating another win for the makers of the world’s favorite 3D sculpting software. Thumbs up to the entire Pixologic Team for their relentless efforts.

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